Depending on what type of goods you are hoping to pack away for a season, you may be wondering if it’s really necessary to opt for climate controlled storage in Plymouth, MA. You may be surprised to learn that there a number of sensitive items that require temperature controls to be stored successfully without the risk of permanent damage. Ascertaining whether or not a climate controlled storage unit is right for you is an essential way to minimize your overall storage expenses and negate the need to replace your stored goods.

In addition to maintaining a consistent temperature, climate controlled storage in Plymouth, MA also keeps consistent humidity levels at all times. Many items are extremely sensitive to both ambient temperature and moisture, and it can be extremely important to keep both stabilized.

Items requiring climate control

There are a number of items that you should only place into a storage unit featuring climate control. These include:

  • Leather furniture:
    Temperature swings can weaken leather and cause it to crack. Additionally, if leather furniture is exposed to excessive moisture, it can easily develop mold and mildew. You should opt for climate controlled storage in Plymouth, MA for all of your leather furniture items.
  • Wood furniture:
    When exposed to excessive ambient humidity, wood has a tendency to rot, swell and warp. It’s essential that you keep your wood furniture in a climate controlled environment whenever it is put into a storage facility for an extended period of time.
  • Musical instruments:
    Brass, woodwind and string instruments are all susceptible to damage caused by excessive exposure to moisture or temperature swings. Because most instruments are made of at least some wooden components, ambient humidity can cause them to warp beyond usability.
  • Books:
    Both excessive heat and exposure to moisture can cause significant damage to your book collection. Heat can cause the glue that binds the books to rapidly degrade, and moisture will facilitate the growth of mold and mildew all across the books’ pages, resulting in irreversible damage.
  • Artwork:
    Whether you’re storing a precious painting or a school craft project with emotional value, you should opt for climate controlled storage in Plymouth, MA. Paint will peel and crack when exposed to high temperatures, and condensation caused by temperature changes will rapidly degrade glues and other bonding elements.
  • Clothing:
    If you’re planning on storing your favorite cozy sweater or a fancy stole, you should be sure to opt for a climate controlled unit. Organic and synthetic fibers are all susceptible to mold growth, which is common in storage units lacking the correct type of climate control.

For nearly two decades, A Plus Storage Corporation has been the premier provider of climate controlled storage in Plymouth, MA. You can count on us to keep your goods in prime condition, no matter the season. We will provide you with safe, sensitive space to store your practical household goods as well as your sentimental treasures. Our dedicated team is here to give you the space that you need—contact us today to learn more about rates and availability!

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