Storage units are great for getting old or unnecessary items or furniture out of your house, for moving, or for storing mementos and other meaningful items while making more room in your home. If packed and organized sloppily, though, your storage space in Plymouth, MA can quickly turn into a nightmare filled with random boxes you are unable to access.

The key to utilizing self-storage units to their full potential is to be prepared and stay organized. To get the best bang for your buck, try out these tips.

Researching the unit

Before you commit to paying for a storage unit, do your research first. You may find that other facilities in your area charge lower prices for more space. Additionally, double check that the facility you work with has proper security measures and a good reputation for keeping owners’ property safe, as well as access that will work with your schedule.

Once you find and sign the paperwork to rent a storage unit, it’s up to you to keep it organized and accessible so you can make the space work the best for you.

Tips for organization

Storage units in Plymouth, MA can quickly become overwhelming if you’re simply shoving things into the space haphazardly. To maximize the space in your unit, you need to keep the unit tidy and well organized:

  • Use similar-sized boxes: Try to stick to only using two different sizes of boxes when packing up your belongings. Using boxes that are all the same or similar in size will allow you to stack them on top of each other more easily without the risk of them toppling over.
  • Use labels: When you pack items into boxes, keep them organized in a way that makes sense for you. Perhaps you put kitchen utensils in one box and seasonal decorations in another. No matter how you organize your boxes, print labels for each box and attach them so you can clearly see what is in the box before having to reach for it and dig through it.
  • Make a plan: Before you put a single thing inside your storage unit, make a general plan of what will be stored and how you want the space to be arranged. This will help decrease any feelings of being overwhelmed when moving boxes in. Try to put larger items like furniture toward the back and against the walls, while placing lighter boxes toward the middle or on top of other things.
  • Leave room to walk: Make sure to leave at least one aisle in your storage space in Plymouth, MA to walk in, so you don’t need to remove lots of items just to access things located further back.
  • Organize by importance: Put the least important items toward the back and bottom of your storage unit. Place the items you anticipate needing to access more frequently toward the front and on top, so you can grab things you need faster.
  • Utilize empty space: To get even more space out of your storage unit, utilize any empty spaces inside large furniture, such as refrigerators or wardrobes. These spaces can easily hold smaller boxes that would otherwise be added to the stacks.

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