One-size-fits-all may work for some things, like ponchos and baseball caps, but when it comes to choosing storage units in Plymouth, MA, it’s important that you find the right size to fit your needs. But choosing the right storage unit size can be tricky. Too much leftover space is simply wasted money, while not enough space will leave you frustrated. But how do you know which storage unit size is right for you? Below is A Plus Storage Corporation’s handy size guide to help you figure it out:

  • 5×5: This is our smallest unit and perfect for people who just need a little extra home storage for offseason clothing and other smaller items. Think of it as that extra closet you wish you had.
  • 5×10: This unit can hold about one room’s worth of furniture and/or personal items. This unit can hold an entire bedroom or office of furniture, which makes it ideal for storing items if you’re painting or remodeling just one space in your home.
  • 5×15: This unit can typically hold about two rooms’ worth of furniture. Mattresses, bookshelves, desks and other items big and small can fit very well in one of our 5×15 units.
  • 5×20: If you need to store away a studio or small apartment of belongings, than this unit is the right size for you. This unit can store about three rooms of furniture, which makes it ideal if you are planning to move out of your apartment building.
  • 10×10: This unit is our most popular option. It can contain belongings from an entire small to medium-sized apartment. Beds, bookshelves, couch, and dining table will all fit nicely into this space.
  • 10×15: A step up from a 10×10, this unit can store items for three large rooms and then some. It’s perfect if you have some very large items to store, like an oversized couch or a piano.
  • 10×20: This unit is about the size of a one-car garage and, with drive-up access, it’s ideal for storing your classic car or simply a car that you aren’t using right now that you don’t want to leave out in the elements.
  • 10×25: Own a small business? This unit is perfect for storing extra inventory and merchandise. Even bulky office equipment and furniture will fit nicely in this unit.
  • 10×30: This is our largest storage unit and can store seven rooms’ worth of belongings! It’s ideal for families looking to store items while moving into a new home. But if you’re looking to store a vehicle, this unit can also store just about any car or truck, or even a small boat and trailer.

No matter what you are looking to store, A Plus Storage Corporation can help. We have the storage units in Plymouth, MA to fit every need and budget. Plus, with options for climate-controlled and drive-up units, we can make sure that your unit fits your needs perfectly. To learn more about the units we have available, contact us today!

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