Does it feel like seasonal decorations and rarely used furniture are overtaking your home? Has unnecessary clutter become a regular conflict within the family? If either of these situations sounds familiar, it’s time to consider a storage unit. Storage units are the perfect way to clear your home of unneeded belongings without having to part with them permanently.

However, the key is to keep the storage unit from becoming the same cluttered mess once the house has been cleared. A storage unit can quickly fall prey to the same messy fate without proper organization techniques. Incorporate these tips to keep your new storage unit in Plymouth, MA organized, easy to use and free of clutter:

  • Pick one size box for all your items: Using same-size boxes will make it easy to stack and access your items. Choose medium-sized boxes, as they provide a sufficient amount of storage and can be carried by just one person. Overly large boxes can be difficult to move around and will take up an excess amount of your storage space in Plymouth, MA.
  • Identify everything: Each box should be clearly labeled so you can easily identify what’s inside. Label each box on the top and at least one side with a unique box number, room name or a list of the box’s contents. The label should always be facing the door so you can easily find any items without having to dig through everything.
  • Create a master content list: Record the contents of each box and the box number on a separate list to be kept at home. This master list will help you quickly determine whether something is actually in storage without having to drive all the way to the storage facility to check.
  • Plan an organized layout: Planning a layout for the storage unit ahead of time will make it easier to access your belongings. The best layout is to put the furniture against the wall opposite any boxes to allow a path through the middle of the unit. This allows you to access all of the contents without having to navigate through a maze of boxes.
  • Opt for a larger unit: A Tetris-like storage unit isn’t much of an improvement over a cluttered home. Towering boxes are prone to falling over, which could put delicate items at risk and even create a safety risk. A larger unit will provide enough room to access your belongings. On the other hand, no one wants to pay for unneeded space. A storage unit specialist will be able to help you determine the best unit size for your needs.
  • Keep important things front and center: Frequently accessed items should be placed at the front part of the storage unit. This way, you’ll be able to find and get to them without disturbing the rest of the contents inside of the unit.

Ready to see how a storage unit can help keep your home free of clutter? Call A Plus Storage Corporation today to learn more about our state-of-the-art, climate-controlled storage units in Plymouth, MA. We offer a variety of sizes perfect for storing seasonal items or important family heirlooms. Visit us today for more information.

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