A common reason people rent a storage unit is to de-clutter and gain control over the valuable possessions that they want to preserve. Unfortunately, many people end up moving that clutter right into the storage unit and, over time, end up with an unorganized mess. They cannot find the things that they need quick access to. The storage unit that was intended to provide relief becomes just another source of stress. Luckily, your experts in storage units in Plymouth, MA are here to provide tips on how to keep your storage unit organized from the start.

Make a Plan

Before moving the first item into the storage unit, have an idea of what you are moving into the unit and where it should go. Create a list of the items that will be in the unit. Highlight the items that you think you will want to have access to. The highlighted items will need to be placed toward the front of the unit. Everything else can be placed strategically in the back of the unit.

You will also want to consider how you will arrange any furniture in your unit. Larger pieces can support the smaller pieces, but you will want furniture pads to prevent scratching. By planning how you will arrange the unit in advance, you will make sure that you are selecting the right size unit and setting yourself up to keep things organized in the future.

Create a Map

Not only is it helpful to have a list of contents posted on the wall of your storage unit near the door, it will also be helpful to have a map. By grouping like items together and then adding them to a map, you can ensure that you will be able to easily find them later. Perhaps one section of your storage unit will be children’s clothes, while another section will be Dad’s beer stein collection. Having everything clearly labeled and mapped out will help you find what you are looking for later on.

Break Down Large Furniture

Most large furniture can be taken apart. This will allow for more space within the storage unit. Shelving units and bookcases can be used around the outside of the walls of the unit to provide a space for smaller boxes and fragile items. This will maximize the vertical space that you have. Tables can be used in the middle of the storage unit to provide a space for boxes both below and on top of the table.

Label Clearly

The most crucial way to stay organized is to clearly label each and every box and package. Use large, bold, clear lettering that can be seen from across the room. Don’t use a cryptic labeling system that you think you will be able to remember years from now. Be clear as to what is inside. Make sure that the labels are facing out where they can be read when boxes and packages are being placed in the storage unit. If each box and package is labeled correctly, you will be able to find what you are looking for quickly and efficiently.

Locating Storage Units in Plymouth, MA

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