So, you’ve packed, moved and unpacked. The empty moving boxes are piling up in the corners of your new place, but there are just too many to break down and toss in the recycling bin. Of course you want them out of your life as soon as possible, but don’t throw them away or leave them to rot on the back patio! There are a number of ways to reuse or recycle them. With very little effort and legwork, those moving boxes you no longer want can be out of your life in no time.

Now that you are done with your dozens of moving boxes, what can you do with them? Here are some tips from local storage companies in Plymouth, MA for recycling your moving boxes:

  • Recycle the cardboard: Local recycling programs help people recycle large amounts of cardboard, such as after a big move. If your city has such a program, you won’t be charged extra on your monthly utility bill for box pickup and hauling. However, some cities and counties require you to bring the boxes to the recycling center. It’s best to research limits and size restrictions ahead of time.
  • Give them away: Let friends, family members, co-workers and neighbors know you are giving away cardboard moving boxes. Get the word out by posting a note on your social media, hanging flyers in your neighborhood or asking apartment managers to notify tenants of the free boxes.
  • Reuse the boxes: Moving everything you own will take some time to unpack, and once unpacked, you may discover that you need boxes to organize smaller items or for long-term storage. When you reuse moving boxes for at-home storage, make sure you label them and store them in a safe place away from extreme temperatures and curious critters. Do you have an attic, or some extra space in your garage? Consider folding up a few of the best-looking boxes and storing them for later use, such as another move, extra storage or shipping larger items.
  • Sell your moving boxes: There are several ways to sell your moving boxes—let friends and family know, sell them online or sell to moving or storage companies in Plymouth, MA. If you choose the latter, check with your city to find out if there are companies nearby that will buy used moving boxes. You might even find a website where you can post your boxes for sale for individuals or companies to see and buy. Some will come pick them up, while some will accept drop-offs.
  • Donate to a local charity or organization: All sorts of organizations can use cardboard boxes, including schools, churches, libraries, food banks, after-school programs, various nonprofit organizations and more. They are great for storing things in already tight spaces, or make for excellent food and clothing transport containers. While taking advantage of the option of donating your moving boxes might take time, you will feel good knowing you helped contribute to a good cause.

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