De-cluttering your home and getting organized is hard work. Tough choices need to be made. What do you throw away? What do you donate? What do you keep in storage? Another important decision is how to protect the items you have chosen to keep. Which storage container is the most cost effective solution? Below, your self-storage experts in Plymouth, MA examine the three main types of storage materials to help determine which storage containers are right for you and when you should use them.

Storage Boxes

Cardboard storage boxes are the staple of the self-storage industry. They are easy to unfold and can come in different sizes to accommodate many different needs. Different levels of cardboard strength can be bought to hold different weights. Storage boxes can be used to store all kinds of things, including seasonal decorations, kitchen utensils, books, electronics, clothing items and much more.

When to use storage boxes: Storage boxes are the most affordable storage containers. They are versatile and can be used to store almost anything. The downside to using storage boxes is that they are not waterproof and not as easily stackable as storage bins. However, when you want the most storage space for the money, use storage boxes.

Storage Bins

Storage bins are plastic bins that come with lids to protect your items from falling out. Storage bins come in all different colors, shapes and sizes. Clear storage bins are especially popular because you can see what is inside without having to label the bin. Storage bins are easy to stack and have handles. The handles make the storage bins easier to transport than standard storage boxes.

When to use storage bins: Storage bins are more expensive than storage boxes. However, they do offer more protection than storage boxes. They have added protection for breakables like picture frames, dishware and other fragile items. Their built-in handles and lids make them easy to move and stack. They are also extremely durable and can be reused as many times as necessary.

Storage Bags

Storage bags do not have the defined shape of boxes or bins, but have some important benefits. A storage bag could be a simple garbage bag, a cotton or polyester garment bag or a vacuum storage bag that is used to keep things airtight safe from moisture.

When to use storage bags: Storage bags can fit almost anywhere since they do not have a defined shape. They are commonly used for clothing, bedding and towels. They are a very affordable option. Hanging storage bags can be used for suits or dresses to keep them protected and free from wrinkles. Vacuum storage bags can be used to keep clothing free from moisture.

Find Solutions for Self-Storage in Plymouth, MA

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