Relocating furniture, appliances, boxed-up items and more is hard, time-consuming work. That is why you want to make sure the process goes off without a hitch. Using moving blankets makes the task easier for you or the moving truck crew.

What are moving blankets, exactly? How are they different from the regular blankets you have at home? Moving blankets (also called moving pads) are used by professional movers to cover and protect clients’ belongings from damage during transportation to a storage unit or another location. Moving blankets usually cover big pieces of furniture and appliances that are being carried out to the truck. If you hire a moving company, know that licensed movers are required to used some sort of moving pad from pickup to delivery.

If you are moving your belongings yourself, should you rent or purchase moving blankets and pads for self storage units in Plymouth, MA? Let’s find out what the pros have to say about this.

Renting moving blankets

You will have to call around, but some moving and storage unit companies do rent out moving blankets. Ask a rental truck company what they offer in regards to moving supplies for rent. If they do, check out the condition of all the blankets to be sure they are worth the rental price. Moving pads may also come with your truck rental agreement, or may be added for a fee.

Like with most other things you can rent, the company renting out the moving pads will likely require you leave a deposit. Be sure you are renting blankets and pads from a reputable company—otherwise, you could end up renting worn-out supplies that won’t hold up during the moving process. You will be held responsible for any damage and likely lose your deposit.

Buying moving blankets

The professionals recommend that self-movers purchase brand new moving blankets and pads instead of renting or buying used. Why buy? First, depending on where you rent pads from, the cost for rentals is typically not much less than the purchase price. Another reason is that moving blankets vary in strength and durability. While some are designed to be used time and time again, others will only last for a limited time. Renting old moving pads can through a big wrench in your moving day plans if they don’t hold up.

There’s another excellent reason for buying moving blankets, and that reason is that you can use them for more than just moving day. Sure, high-quality moving pads are great for dragging and covering large pieces of furniture and other household items, but they can pull double duty. Use your blanket for camping or a picnic, use it in your shed, let your pet use it or even soundproof a space in your house. The important thing to do here is research your options for quality and price.

If you want to learn more about self storage units in Plymouth, MA or are in need of moving and storage supplies, don’t hesitate to contact the knowledgeable team at A Plus Storage Corporation. Call us anytime!

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