Moving can be a stressful endeavor. You need to pack, clean, plan and transport your possessions, all the while wondering if you are doing everything right. Whether you are moving your stuff across the country or just into temporary self storage in Plymouth, MA, boxes are a must. Here are some tips for picking the best moving boxes for your belongings.


Most moving boxes look the same on the outside. They are usually a brown color with the brand inked across the panels. But are the boxes you bought strong enough to hold the amount of items that’ll go inside? Unfold them, tape their seams and start packing things inside and you will quickly figure it out. It’s best to use the strongest moving boxes you can find (or afford). For this reason, consider purchasing boxes from a moving company or moving supply store instead of a home goods store. These boxes are designed for safety and complete security so your fragile items arrive in one piece.


How many moving boxes do you need for your move or your storage unit? Take this information with you to the moving supply shop, or ask a team member to help you determine the approximate number of boxes you need. While you are there, don’t forget to pick up lots of tape and packing materials. Another option is the internet. There are websites that let people post high-quality, previously used moving boxes for free or cheap, or you may even know someone who has moved recently and still has the boxes they used. The upsides to buying used boxes online include an abundant selection and affordable prices, and reusing materials also helps the environment.


The size of the moving boxes you use might not seem all that important, but it is an important factor. There are a number of different sized moving boxes to choose from, as well as boxes designed for specific items. Yes—you can find boxes specifically made to carry items such as dishes, clothing, electronics, mirrors, framed photos and even mattresses. There’s another reason the size of your moving boxes matters: to be sure you properly fill the space in your moving truck or storage unit. Fill the truck to manage a single trip, or put as many boxes in your storage unit as will fit in order to get the most out of your monthly rental fee.

Boxes for pots and pans

Medium sized boxes are best for household items that are not too heavy, but would probably not fare well in a large sized box. Professional movers suggest using medium sized boxes for items like pots and pans and smaller electronics.

Boxes for lightweight items

Lightweight items like towels, bed sheets, pillows, blankets and lampshades do very well packed into large boxes. They can be filled early on and won’t stress your back during moving time. Be sure to label these large boxes as lightweight so heavier boxes don’t get stacked on top of them.

For more information about moving boxes or tips for effective self storage in Plymouth, MA, feel free to contact the team at A Plus Storage Corporation today!

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