People rent storage units for all sorts of reasons. Some just need temporary storage space during a home or office move, while others don’t have enough room at home to keep all their belongings on hand. Maybe you want to clear the clutter from your home without actually getting rid of anything. Whatever the reason, storage units are there to save the day.

Before signing a contract with a storage facility, you should take the time to understand the differences and benefits of your options. Here’s what you need to know about some of the key distinctions between indoor and outdoor storage units in Plymouth, MA.

The difference between the two

The type of storage unit you choose to rent will depend on what and how much you need to store. When it comes to storage unit options, the two most common types are indoor units and outdoor units, each bringing its own set of perks.

Indoor storage units are more like storing your belongings in a walk-in closet, but they are different from a unit with exterior drive-up access. As the name suggests, the doors to indoor storage units are on the inside of a facility that may or may not be climate-controlled. Indoor storage facilities are common in urban areas, mostly because units are generally smaller, more secure and can be built into multi-story buildings to save space.

There’s also an outdoor storage unit option. These units are typically much larger than indoor units, often used for RV or car storage or to store household appliances. People also use outdoor units to keep belongings safe during a move.

Benefits of indoor storage units

If your house, garage or apartment is too small or filled to capacity, then an indoor storage unit may be right for you. Although generally not as big as outdoor units, indoor units are the perfect addition to your living space, meaning you can go get items out of storage and put them back in as you please. Put your mind at ease knowing that your belongings are protected from the weather since indoor storage units are located inside a larger facility or building. Facility doors also keep your valuable possessions safe and secure from criminals.

Benefits of outdoor storage units

Outdoor storage units are extremely convenient for people wanting to store large items or lots of items. Some people store vehicles, while others, like renters, need extra storage space to hold household items that they don’t need in their apartment but still want to keep for their future home. Even though unit size varies, most offer drive-up access and a great deal of space. That means you can drive right up to your storage unit to load and unload items from your car—no having to lug heavy boxes down a narrow hallway! Outdoor units are typically a good value, and are your only option in some cases.

Outdoor storage units are economical and convenient. Indoor storage units in Plymouth, MA are recommended for storing valuable items. Contact us at A Plus Storage Corporation today to learn all you need to know about indoor and outdoor storage units!

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