Before college students can leave campus at the end of the school year, they must have a plan of action to keep up with all of their belongings during the break. Different individual situations will give way to a variety of different options, but summer storage in Plymouth, MA is by far one of the most convenient and practical solutions available. Read on to learn about the many ways that storage can help you this summer:

  • Why summer storage is so beneficial: Bringing everything in your dorm home for the summer can be challenging, as having to load up your car to drive everything home only to turn around and pack it up again to bring everything back in the fall presents a burdensome hassle. Finding a place near campus to store your belongings, on the other hand, is a great way to keep everything locked away while you are gone and will make your transition back into your dorm or apartment that much easier when school starts back up again.
  • Finding the right size: Most college students that live in dorms will be able to rent a 5’x5’ unit to fit all of their effects comfortably. A unit of this size can hold a loveseat, boxes and any small décor items you might have. If you live in an apartment during the school year and have larger furniture like a sofa or a bed, a 5’x10’ storage unit will provide you with the space you need.
  • Storage unit costs: The majority of college students don’t have a ton of excess money to play around with, so the pricing of storage units is a concern. The total cost for storage will be directly tied to the size of the unit you need, and the contract will generally cover a month-to-month payment plan. Many storage facilities will offer college students a discounted rate, as they will only need the unit for a few short months over the summer.
  • Who should rent storage units: Summer storage is beneficial and convenient for all students, but having a place to keep your items is particularly useful for those whose permanent addresses are far away from campus and who have a long trek back home. It is likely that these students won’t be able to fit all of their belongings in their cars, which means they would incur additional expenses to ship items back home.

To avoid additional shipping costs and the headache involved in trying to keep track of which items are where, now is the time to find the best option to store your possessions for the summer. Here at A Plus Storage Corporation, we understand the unique needs of college students and the logistical challenges that they face at the end of every school year, which is why we have made it our mission to provide reliable, safe and affordable storage in Plymouth, MA for nearly 20 years. Whether you and your roommates need a large unit to house all of your apartment’s furnishings until you return, or you need a small space to store a few essentials, give us a call today to learn more about the various sizes and types of storage units we offer.

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