While storage units are built to last and protect your belongings for many years, there are some items that could be affected by the summer and winter temperatures while in the unit. Fortunately, your local storage company is here with a guide that will help you better understand what items you shouldn’t keep in storage units in Plymouth, MA:

  • Perishable food: While perishable food that is stored in cans doesn’t necessarily present a problem, food in general can attract unwanted pests and vermin and should not be stored inside your unit.
  • Electronic items: Because storage units can get boiling hot during the summer months and freezing cold in the winter, it is best not to store your electronic equipment in the unit. Televisions, speakers and gaming systems can be ruined by either of these temperature extremes and shouldn’t be kept in your storage unit unless it is temperature controlled.
  • Plants: The fluctuating temperatures and lack of sunlight in a storage unit are not favorable conditions for any type of plant life. In addition, the damp soil can lead to mold growth, which could eventually wreak havoc on all of the items in your unit if it begins to spread. It is for this reason that you should also stay away from keeping other wet items, such as a damp mop, in the unit.
  • Valuables: It is also a good idea to hold on to any valuable items, like jewelry, objects that hold sentimental value or anything else you deem irreplaceable. This could also include items such as photo albums, or heirlooms that have been passed down through the generations in your family. There is always a chance that the summer humidity or the extreme winter cold could damage these items while they are stored in your unit, and it is best to avoid the risk altogether.
  • Hazardous materials: Items that are flammable or toxic, such as paint, gasoline, propane or fireworks, should be kept out of your storage units at all times. It is similarly unsafe to store items such as guns and ammunition in your unit.
  • Protecting your stored items: Avoid packing your items in plastic, as the material holds in moisture due to its lack of breathability. You should also refrain from packing dishes in newspaper, as the ink may bleed in the humidity, causing damage to the finish.

Potential damage to possessions has always been a common concern for those who want to rent a storage unit in Plymouth, MA, which is why our team at A Plus Storage Corporation has taken every precaution to help keep your items safe from all threats. In addition to our temperature-controlled units, our other units utilize a state-of-the-art fan system that helps to control humidity on scorching hot summer days. Our facilities are also gated with key-code access so that you’re safe when you’re on our premises, and you aren’t worried about your possessions when you’re not. To take advantage of all the benefits that one of our rentals can offer, give us a call to get started right away.

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