Boat storage can be a tricky decision for any boat owner. Most boat owners are in need of boat storage for at least part of the year. Choosing between indoor and outdoor storage options, as well as dry or marina boat storage, requires knowledge of what these storage options entail, along with individualized steps for prepping the boat, such as their exteriors, engines and electrical systems and batteries. If you’re in need of boat storage in Plymouth, MA, read on to learn about everything you need to know.

Warehouse boat storage

Indoor warehouse boat storage in Plymouth, MA is one option many people choose. This involves dry stacked storage in a protected warehouse. These facilities often store numerous boats at a time, which are stacked with forklifts and covered, meaning your boat will be safe from the elements and weather. Retrieval is easy, as it is completely taken care of by the facility. In this type of storage, your boat will have protection from weather and sunlight, and will also be protected from theft. It’s a great option for smaller boats, and is often less expensive than marina storage. However, larger boats may not fit in this type of storage, and it may be more difficult to get your boat out when you want it, or as often as you’d like.

Indoor boat storage at self storage facility

Many people don’t know that indoor storage at a self storage facility is an option for boat storage in Plymouth, MA. Indoor storage is a great option, as it’s the best way to protect your boat from the weather during off-seasons, especially in icy or snowy climates. You can easily access your boat whenever you want, and self storage facilities offer the best in terms of security and surveillance. Many indoor facilities also offer climate control, which will provide additional protection for your boat. While pricier than some other storage options, the level of protection and convenience surpass most other storage options.

Outdoor boat storage at a self-storage facility

Many self storage facilities also offer outdoor or covered storage for boats. Outdoor, uncovered storage is a very affordable option for those watching costs. It’s easy to store boats of all sizes outdoors, and it offers security that leaving your boat in your driveway doesn’t, while providing convenient retrieval any time. Your boat will be exposed to the weather in this scenario, so you’ll want to cover your boat with a tarp or shrink wrap, in addition to removing the battery and opening the drain plug to prevent flooding.

Some facilities also offer covered outdoor storage, which offers slightly more protection from the elements and prevents more weather damage than uncovered outdoor boat storage in Plymouth, MA.

A Plus Storage Corporation offers both indoor and outdoor storage units. Our units are designed to meet your needs, whatever they may be. We have indoor, climate-controlled spaces as well as massive outdoor, drive-up units to accommodate your needs for your boat. Choosing the right unit for your boat is an individual decision, and we can help inform you of your options. Give us a call today!

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