People buy insurance to cover everything from cars and trucks to boats and RVs, but there are some items that many people don’t think to cover until it’s too late. You can purchase insurance for the items you keep in storage units in Plymouth, MA, but a lot of storage unit owners forgo this protection. However, it’s important to understand more about storage unit insurance and what this coverage offers so that you can decide whether it’s the right investment for you.

The basics of storage unit insurance

When you use a storage unit, you don’t purchase insurance of the storage unit itself. The company that rents you the storage unit typically has insurance coverage that protects the owner in the event of damage to the unit, but this coverage does not usually extend to the items inside the unit. To protect yourself against theft or damage to your possessions, it’s important to insure the items you’re storing.

In many cases, your storage rental company will require you to have insurance on your possessions before you can secure a rental contract. There are several reasons why it’s important to get insurance coverage for your stored items:

  • Your items might be more valuable than you realize: The possessions that you put in storage, like family heirlooms or electronics, might hold more value than you’d expect. In the event that your items are damaged or stolen, you might be unable to afford replacement without insurance coverage. When you get insurance coverage, you will have the opportunity to determine what your items are actually worth, and this can help you plan accordingly.
  • Protect against damage: In the event of a natural disaster or emergency, items that you have in storage will be put at risk. Whether it’s flooding or fire, you might be left with damage that requires you to pay for the replacement or repair of valuables. Insurance allows you to rest assured knowing that you will be able to replace your items or, at the very least, be compensated for their loss in the event of an emergency.
  • Insurance might be required: In some cases, you might not even have the option to skip out on storage insurance. Many storage companies require their customers to hold active insurance that covers the cost of the items they have stored. You can find out about the specific requirements that apply to your storage unit by speaking with a representative from the storage company that you are renting from.

Find storage units in Plymouth, MA

If you have questions about insuring storage units in Plymouth, MA or are interested in purchasing or renting a storage unit, reach out to the team at A Plus Storage Corporation. Since 2000, our company has been dedicated to delivering exceptional storage products and services. Regardless of what your specific needs may be, our team is here to help you find the storage solutions that fit your particular needs, preferences and budget. Stop by or contact us by phone to find out more about everything we have to offer.

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