Whether you’re preparing for a big move or you need some extra space to store some of the belongings that are cluttering your home, renting a storage unit provides a convenient and affordable solution. However, normal storage units tend to take in the temperature of the climate around them, and the warmer summer months and much colder temperatures in the winter could pose a risk to some of your more valuable possessions. Take a look at four items that can benefit from the protection of climate-controlled storage in Plymouth, MA:

  • Furniture: When wooden furniture is exposed to moisture for long periods of time, it is susceptible to cracking, warping and rotting. That means that your bed frame, dining room table and chairs and entertainment center could all be in danger when not stored properly in climate-controlled areas. In the same way, delicate leather furniture can sustain damage in storage units that are located in climates prone to drastic weather changes throughout the year. If you want to protect the condition of the sensitive leather material, temperature-controlled storage is a must.
  • Collector’s items: It is also important to protect any collectibles items you may own from premature deterioration, and subsequent depreciation. Those who collect rare coins or comic books could see their items begin to warp or discolor when stored in non-temperature-controlled areas, which could all but wipe away their long-term value. Similarly, coins that are subject to high levels of humidity could begin to darken or tarnish when the oxidation process sets in.
  • Clothing: When you’re storing your winter clothes during the summer, or your summer wear for the cooler months, it is very important that the fabric stays dry. If not, you could be in for a big surprise when you go to retrieve your wardrobe next season. Storing clothing in plastic bins rather than cardboard boxes can be effective in keeping moisture from reaching your items, but the best way to ensure that your clothes remain in good shape year after year is by keeping them in a climate-controlled storage unit.
  • Electronics and appliances: If exposed to extreme heat or cold, the mechanical parts of your electronics and appliances can begin to rust and crack, causing irreparable damage. Climate-controlled storage units help you eliminate these risks, protecting the internal components from the swings in temperature and the rising humidity levels that could ultimately have the same effect as spilling a glass of water directly on your electronics.

Other valuable items such as musical instruments and important documents could also be left vulnerable when not stored properly. Fortunately, climate-controlled storage in Plymouth, MA can help you to avoid this potential damage, and our team at A Plus Storage Corporation can walk you through the options that are available to you based on your specific needs. With all manner of storage units of various sizes and types, our company is the one to rely on for all of your storage solutions. Give us a call or pay us a visit today to check out what we have to offer.

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