Having a storage unit is a great solution when you have a surplus of belongings that you don’t want or need in your home. Without proper organization, however, your storage unit itself could eventually begin to resemble the cluttered look you were likely trying to avoid in the first place! Even though you might not need to access the items today or even three months from now, you will at some point, and there is no quicker route to frustration than wasting time looking for something when you need it most. Follow along with this guide to learn about a few key ways to efficiently utilize all of your storage room space in Plymouth, MA.

Plan your storage

Before you begin moving items into your storage unit, think for a moment about which of the stored items you use the most and will need easy access to. To save yourself major headaches down the line, fill your unit by putting the long-term storage items in first, farthest in the back and out of the way. The more immediately needed items can then go in last, towards the front of the unit. It may also make the most sense to put any larger items in the back, so you don’t have to maneuver around them every time you enter, unless you know that they will be used often enough to make it worth finding a space for them towards the front of the unit.

Store in quadrants

It can also be helpful to divide the storage unit into four separate quadrants, one for each season of the year. Not only will this provide an organized flow for easily picking out items whenever you need them, but it will also free up room to create a walking path, which will simplify the search even more. Even if you don’t divide the items in your storage unit based on the season, there is likely some logical grouping that will allow you to categorize and separate them into quadrants that make for easy access.

Organization is key

When trying to use all of the space in your unit, think about some of the same principles you might use to maximize the space in your closets at home. This likely includes shelving, racks and closet organizers for an improved flow. Heavy-duty items that should be stored together—such as industrial glues, adhesives and paint—can be kept together in large bins.

If you know in advance that you have quite a few items that will need storage, you may want to select a larger unit to comfortably accommodate all of your needs. Here at A Plus Storage Corporation, we have storage units of various sizes, and with a little bit of organization in our top-of-the-line units, we can help you find the best way to utilize all of your available storage room space in Plymouth, MA. Give us a call to learn more about all of our storage unit options, and never worry about struggling with a lack of space again!

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