When the seasons change and the temperatures drop, it’s time to put your vessel to rest for the winter. To ensure your boat is in top condition when spring arrives, it’s important to follow the appropriate procedures for boat storage in Kingston, MA.

This requires a few extra steps, but it is worth the effort to protect your boat for the offseason. Use the following guide to prep your boat and tuck it safely away until it’s time to hit the water again next year.

Lube it up

Since you won’t be running the engine again until spring, you might not realize that you should change your oil in preparation for boat storage in Kingston, MA. Replace the filter and change the oil to remove any contaminants that may have gotten in the system over the summer. This will prevent corrosion while the boat sits in storage.

Cool it down

Drain and flush the coolant system, then refill it with antifreeze. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for proper dilution level. This fresh coolant will prevent your systems from freezing up over the colder months in storage.

Spray it over

Start your engine, and while it’s still turning over, spray the carburetor or spark plugs with fogging oil. Check your boat manual to determine which method is correct for your model. This will help lubricate the engine’s components while in storage.

Take it off

Before your place your boat in storage, remove or loosen the drive belts. This will remove unnecessary tension over the season, which can cause the belts to crack.

Spread it on

Grease the steering and control components. Cover the joints thoroughly so they remain lubed and ready to go when it’s time to take your boat out again in the spring.

Disconnect it

Disconnect the battery, then make sure it is topped off with distilled water. To ensure it is ready to roll in the spring, charge the unit a couple times over the winter.

Top it off

Don’t put your boat in storage on an empty tank. While you won’t need gas to drive it around the storage unit, it’s better for the tank if there is no room for condensation to form or freeze on its interior. Add fuel stabilizer to preserve the fuel for the season.

Lock it down

You don’t want pests to make your boat their winter home. If your vessel has any large openings, such as exhaust ports, seal these up to protect your boat from uninvited guests. Duct tape will do the trick.

Empty it out

Strip your boat to the bare minimum before placing it in boat storage in Kingston, MA. Remove electronic equipment, since this is susceptible to damage in cold temperatures. Leather and other materials can be damaged by moisture, so take these out as well. Lastly, empty water tanks and drain pipes, to protect against freezing.

Cover it up

Your last step before winter boat storage in Kingston, MA is to give your boat a thorough wash and wax and cover it for the winter.

Premier storage options

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