Many people think that storage units are just like an additional garage—that they can put whatever extra stuff they have in there, regardless of what it is, and not have to worry about it. However, this is not always the case. Many storage units in Kingston, MA have restrictions on what can and cannot be stored. This helps ensure the safety of all units and of all visitors and employees at the storage unit site, and helps us make sure that we are providing top quality service.

Hazardous materials

Basically, if it’s a hazardous material that you can’t carry onto a plane, it should not be kept in a storage unit. This includes most flammable items like gasoline, grease, chemicals, cleaners, paint and propane. If it can catch on fire and damage storage units in Kingston, MA, then it is unacceptable to store in your unit. You would not be comfortable with your storage neighbor holding these items next door to your important items, so these are items that are typically banned across the board.

This category would also include anything radioactive and any illegal substance—if it can harm someone or someone’s property just by its very presence, it is likely not welcome.

Living things and perishables

Storage units are only intended for securing non-living pieces of property. People may not take up residence in storage units for a number of reasons, including security, liability and hygiene. You may also not keep any animals in a storage unit. They would be miserable inside and would live under very adverse conditions that include limited air, food, water and light. Plants are also banned for this same reason—they would not survive in such an isolated place anyway, and they can attract insects that can wreak havoc on your own and others’ property.

Perishables like fruits, vegetables and meats are also not welcome for this same reason. Storage units in Kingston, MA must only be used for non-living items like furniture, clothing, bedding and toys.

Unregistered vehicles

Only vehicles that are in the good graces of the proper authorities can be kept at our facility. This means that they are properly registered, insured and operable. Only vehicles meeting these criteria can be stored in a storage unit. This helps reduce our liability and the safety of all persons on our site. These vehicles include not just cars, but also RVs, motorcycles, watercraft and trucks. All need to be properly certified and in good standing with the proper authorities if they are to be kept in our storage units.

Additionally, only vehicles that are registered in the name of the person actually renting the unit can be kept in that unit. Again, this helps us make sure that our units are being used for the proper purposes.

A Plus Storage Corporation helps our customers rent storage units for a number of purposes, and we want to ensure the health and safety of all of our customers by enforcing policies like these. Our storage units in Kingston, MA are clean, secure and safe, and we hope to maintain an environment where everyone feels safe leaving their items by regulating what can and cannot be kept in our units. If you have questions, just get in touch!

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