Many people keep a variety of important things in their storage units. Furniture, records, family heirlooms and other sentimental and valuable items can be locked inside. So, many people have questions about how they can go about securing storage units in Kingston, MA. How much should they rely on the locker site for protection? How can they make sure they’re doing everything they can to secure their items? Some quick tips can help renters prepare their items and their units for safe and secure stowing in a storage unit.

Choose the right facility

Storage unit facilities come in all shapes and sizes, and with varying degrees of professionalism and security. You want to make sure you’re doing your homework when choosing one, as what might be a good fit for your friend might not be a good fit for you. Review some easily noticed safety features with the site manager. Pay special attention to whether or not the place has good lighting (interior and exterior), whether it has secured and locked gated access with a solid fence and how many cameras it has (and where they are placed). You should also try and learn how close a relationship the facility has with the local police. These simple signs can help you determine how seriously a site takes securing storage units in Kingston, MA.

Get ahead of crime

Cameras are great after the fact of a burglary—they can help identify who stole items, and who can be held responsible when they’re being recovered. However, you should aim for a site that takes a proactive approach to theft prevention. Some facilities have access control systems and individual door alarms, which go much further in preventing crime than they do in trying to pick up the pieces after the fact.

Access control systems can also fulfill this role, as they require the usage of individual codes or security cards to gain entrance to a facility in the first place. These measures can help when you’re doing your best at securing storage units in Kingston, MA, and the team at A Plus Storage Corporation can help you find the best choices.

Smartly stock your unit

Most crimes are not well thought out—they’re more smash-and-grab than movie art theft conspiracies. As a result, you can take simple steps to protect your most valuable items by placing them at the back of your unit. It sounds simple and obvious, but most criminals don’t have the time to really look through what they’re trying to steal. Putting furniture in the front of your unit can also go a long way towards protecting items, as most people won’t bother stealing a dresser, nor would they want to climb over it to get to other items.

Some simple steps are possible to make sure that your storage unit items are safely stowed away. By asking the right questions and using some smart tactics when packing up your unit, you can make sure that you are having a storage unit experience that will give you peace of mind. Reach out to A Plus Storage Corporation to learn more.

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