Owning too many things and having too little space to store them in a house or commercial space is an all-too-common problem for many people. The good news is that there’s a simple solution to get a handle on all your stored belongings, a way to move them out and clear the clutter. We’re talking about off-site storage. The convenience of renting a storage unit in Plymouth, MA has helped many people—maybe your very own unit can help you too!

Before hunting down the perfect storage company for your needs, you should know that timing is everything. That is, when you rent a unit can make a big difference when it comes to cost and availability. Here are some storage unit rental tips for Plymouth, MA residents.

Winter: The best time to rent a unit

Storage unit experts recommend you look at renting a storage unit in the winter. As strange as this sounds, the cold weather months are a very convenient time. Demand is lower during winter, so you can find a selection of quality storage unit options at affordable rates. However, while renting in the winter is good for your wallet, it does have some potential downsides:

  • Harsh weather conditions: Bad winter weather can make putting things into your storage unit difficult. You could slip and fall on slick ground with boxes in hand, and driving to the storage site through harsh elements could prove challenging.
  • Waterproofing is necessary: Because winter weather can be unpredictable, you will need to protect your stored belongings. Pack and wrap properly to protect the things in your unit from water and moisture.
  • Climate-controlled units: Even though winter is not the only season that calls for climate-controlled storage units, it is the most hazardous one—especially when it comes to items that can’t resist freezing temperatures.

Fall, spring and summer: Advantages and disadvantages

There are many benefits of renting a storage unit in the fall, and there are some downsides to renting one in the spring or summer:

  • Fall: Some storage facilities lower their rental prices or offer specials or discounts in the fall due to the declining need for safe storage space. On the other hand, items like vehicles and boats may actually cost more to store during the fall.
  • Spring: The pleasant springtime weather can make finding a storage unit a difficult task. People are moving at this time, and they need storage space. It’s also the time for spring cleaning and home decluttering. If you do find off-site storage in the spring, don’t be surprised if it ends up costing you more to rent the unit than it would during other seasons.
  • Summer: Summer is said to be the least ideal time to rent a storage unit. The warm weather brings high prices and competition from college students looking for storage space, as well as families moving.

A storage unit rental can be the difference between living or working in a cluttered space and having room to breathe. Contact the team at A Plus Storage Corporation today for more information about renting a storage unit in Plymouth, MA.

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