If you have a ton of unused furniture, don’t just keep it down in the damp basement or the dirty garage. Instead, rent a storage unit and keep it there! Storage facilities keep your furniture dry, clean and secure.

Before you drop your furniture off, you’ll want to perform some furniture storage preparation in Plymouth, MA. Continue reading to learn the steps to take to get your furniture ready for a short- or long-term stay in storage:

  • Clean everything: The first step in prepping your furniture is to clean it all down. Thoroughly cleaning all of your pieces reduces the chance of mold growth and ensures your furniture doesn’t develop a nasty odor. Use fabric cleaners for upholstered furniture, and wash all wooden or plastic pieces with mild soap and water.
  • Disassemble pieces: It might seem like a waste of time, but if you can take pieces apart, do it! Pieces like bookshelves, desks, tables and chairs are much easier to transport and store if they’ve been disassembled. Taking everything apart also reduces the risk of things getting scratched up.
  • Wrap furniture: Another one of our top furniture storage tips in Plymouth, MA is to wrap pieces with blankets or old sheets. This extra layer of protection will prevent any unwanted dust buildup and fend off moisture.
  • Protect glass items: Glass tabletops and mirrors require some extra precaution while you’re prepping your furniture for storage. Experts recommend wrapping the pieces in packing paper and bubble wrap before placing them in a box. To further prevent any breakage, try to find a box that’s a similar size and shape to the glass item you’re storing.
  • Check for perishables: It might sound silly, but checking to ensure there isn’t food in boxes is an essential part of furniture storage preparation in Plymouth, MA. Rodents, bugs and other critters will find any food left behind and wreak havoc throughout your storage unit.
  • Raise furniture off the floor: If you’re unable to find a climate-controlled storage facility, avoid putting furniture directly on the floor. Placing pieces on top of pallets or cinderblocks reduces the chance that your furniture could be ruined by a sudden flood.
  • Avoid cramming: Trying to fit everything into a small storage unit is bound to lead to scratches or broken pieces. If you think you’re going to run out of room, consider renting a separate unit instead of risking it and cramming too much stuff into a single unit.
  • Choose the right storage facility: Last, but certainly not least, be sure to find the perfect storage facility for your furniture. Look for a company that offers climate-controlled storage units, as those are guaranteed to keep your furniture in good shape while it’s in storage.

Whether you need to store a few pieces of furniture or a whole home’s worth, be sure to come to A Plus Storage Corporation! On top of providing some of the best furniture storage tips in Plymouth, MA, we have climate-controlled storage facilities that’ll keep your furniture in like-new condition.

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