If you have a car that you don’t drive very often, or if you’re heading out of town for a while and won’t be using it, you might think about putting it in a storage unit. Keeping your car in a storage unit instead of your garage frees up space at your house while ensuring your vehicle stays safe and secure.

You can’t just roll up to the storage facility and put your car in the unit, though. There’s some necessary prep work that needs to be done to ensure your car comes out of storage in the same condition that it went in. This post will teach you how to prepare a vehicle for storage in Plymouth, MA.

Find a storage facility

Your first action item is to find a proper storage facility for your vehicle. Be sure the company has outdoor units that are both big enough to accommodate your vehicle and watertight to prevent the elements from causing damage. Additionally, you should find a facility that offers 24/7 security for your peace of mind.

Change the oil

An oil change is just as important before storing your car as it is for driving it. Old engine oil contains contaminants that can harm your engine’s components, especially if they’re sitting in there for an extended period.

Top off the other fluids

While you’re getting your oil changed, have the mechanic top off the rest of your car’s fluids. Evaporation will occur while you’re away, meaning the fluid levels will drop. Topping them off now during your vehicle storage preparation in Plymouth, MA prevents this as much as possible. Everything from coolant to windshield washer fluid should be full before you store your car.

Fill the gas tank

Sure, you’re not planning on driving anywhere anytime soon, but you should still fill up the gas tank. Again, evaporation will occur while your car is in storage, which means the gas in the tank could eventually disappear. If your car will be in storage for longer than six months, use a fuel stabilizer to prevent any corrosion in the fuel lines.

Inflate the tires

Tires will also lose pressure over time, which is why inflating them is such a crucial aspect of vehicle storage preparation in Plymouth, MA. If tires are left sitting flat for too long, you may have to replace them. Getting a friend to drive your car around periodically and re-inflate the tires would help out a lot.

Take care of the battery

Even if it’s not being used, a car battery can go dead after a while. This process is sped up in the winter, when the temperatures are coldest. Your best bet is to remove the car battery and store it somewhere warm, like inside your home. You could also connect it to a battery tender to keep it charged while you’re gone.

Now that you know a little bit more about how to prepare your vehicle for storage in Plymouth, MA, bring your car to A Plus Storage Corporation! We have a variety of storage options that are perfect for your car, truck or SUV.

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