To many of us, our vinyl record collections represent our bygone youth and a million memories from a different time. Vinyl aficionados treasure their albums because music is such a personal art form with so much meaning to its fans. However, any album collector knows the importance of storing these records correctly. Proper vinyl record storage in Plymouth, MA ensures your albums remain in pristine condition for years to come.

Six tips to safely store your record collection

While the classic songs on your records stand the test of time, vinyl is a very finicky material that can warp and break when stored incorrectly. To maintain the condition of your albums, follow these record storage tips in Plymouth, MA:

  • Pick the right containers: One of the most important tips for vinyl record storage in Plymouth, MA is to stow albums in cardboard or plastic tubs. For those who live in a humid climate, opt for plastic containers instead. In drier parts of the country, cardboard boxes with all seams and openings sealed will suffice. Any container you choose should have squared corners to avoid cupping, which is a rounded type of warping.
  • Clean records before storage: To put it bluntly, taking the time to correctly store vinyl records is pointless if the albums are dirty. Something as common as dust can cause severe damage to vinyl over time. Using a record brush, clean your albums and their covers before placing them in plastic protective sleeves.
  • Pack them vertically: A common cause of album damage is storing vinyl records horizontally. Doing so leads to dish warping. All records should be snugly stowed upright in their containers. Make adjustments to correct any slanting or tilted, but keep the records loose enough to remove a single album easily.
  • Store them in a climate-controlled environment: Whether it’s in your home or a rented climate-controlled storage unit, you should keep your vinyl albums somewhere that maintains a consistent temperature year-round. If you live somewhere that experiences significant climate shifts between seasons, investing in a climate-controlled storage solution for your records provides the ultimate protection for your treasured collection.
  • Tuck them in: Both heat and cold negatively affect vinyl records. If you store your collection in a space unequipped with climate-control technology, you’ll want to wrap these containers in blankets. Yes, your albums need cozy blankets during the winter. It sounds ridiculous, but covering your records ensures safe storage for years to come.
  • Stack with caution: Any record collector knows that albums weigh a ton. A box full of records exerts quite a bit of pressure when stacked on top of another box. This poses a significant threat to the wellbeing of your vinyl. Never stack more than four boxes high when planning your methods for vinyl record storage in Plymouth, MA.

A record collection is so much more than nostalgia. These albums are a sizable investment that you want to protect. Following these record storage tips in Plymouth, MA ensures your collection endures for years to come. If you have questions about renting a climate-controlled storage unit at A Plus Storage Corporation for your vinyl record collection, get in touch with us today.

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