For decades, comic books have inspired young minds and revolutionized the way people told stories. With the success of blockbuster comic book movie franchises, these collectible commodities have significantly increased in value. For those who’ve invested time and money into building a sizable collection, the following comic book storage tips in Plymouth, MA are crucial.

Start with acid-free plastic and cardboard supplies

To begin your efforts into comic book self-storage in Plymouth, MA, you’ll need to purchase acid-free comic book boards and acid-free plastic sleeves. The acid-free component of these storage products is crucial. Items without this designation contain harmful acids that discolor the ink found on comic book pages.

Once you’ve gathered these materials, place each comic book on top of a board, and slide both items into the sleeve and seal. Don’t forget to completely close the sleeve to stop any dust or moisture from getting in there.

Get the proper containers

To keep your collection safe and in optimal condition, you’ll need to buy either cardboard or plastic comic book storage containers.  Make sure to purchase tubs that are acid free and lignin free. Designed to store comic books in an upright position, these containers minimize any sort of bending that might damage the pages.

For any hardcover graphic novels, store these tomes horizontally instead. When stored vertically, the spine wears faster, causing the pages to loosen. Experts recommend storing hardcover books and paperback editions in separate containers.

Use a climate-controlled space

While the right boards, sleeves and containers go a long way toward preserving your comic book collection, these timeless pieces of literature are susceptible to damage due to the climate. Fluctuations in cold and heat create condensation that wreaks havoc on the fragile pages and temperamental inks that make up your comic books.

The most crucial part of comic book self-storage in Plymouth, MA is minimizing moisture exposure. Nothing diminishes the value or quality of a comic book quite like moisture. A climate-controlled environment ensures your comic books do not experience the ravages of seasonal temperature changes and the condensation produced by these shifts.

Elevate storage containers

Comic books are about good versus evil. In the storage scenario, your comic book collection is the accomplished superhero, and a flood is a diabolical villain. If moisture is bad for your collection, a flood is a worst-case scenario. By simply storing containers on sturdy tables or risers, you further protect your comic books from irreparable damage.

Every collector should familiarize themselves with the most effective comic book storage tips in Plymouth, MA to preserve the lifespan and quality of these iconic literary works. For a collection to ensure the test of time, you have to be proactive about storing your comic books. That includes employing the best storage solutions, such as a climate-controlled storage unit.

For those serious about preserving the investment they’ve made into their comic book collections, consider renting a climate-controlled storage unit at A Plus Storage Corporation. These units provide the ultimate protection for your treasured comic books. Contact us now to learn more about renting a climate-controlled storage unit.

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