No matter the size of your book collection, you want to do everything you can to keep your books safe when you need to put them in storage. Unfortunately, there are a lot of things that can damage books in long-term storage, including humidity, fading and tearing. Thankfully, taking some time to prepare your collection for long-term book storage in Plymouth, MA can prevent damage and keep your personal library in the best condition possible.

Why proper book storage is so important

There are a lot of reasons why it’s important to follow proper steps for long-term book storage in Plymouth, MA. For one thing, books are vulnerable to the elements, and they can be damaged if proper steps aren’t taken to prevent weathering. With the right preparation and storage steps, it’s possible to keep books in great condition for many years to come. Here are some essential tips for successful book storage:

  • Find a secure storage facility: The facility you choose for storage can make a big difference. Security is always an important factor to consider, but it’s especially important if you’ll be storing particularly valuable or antique volumes. Make sure the storage facility you choose is secure, with on-site staff and other safety measures to protect your possessions from damage and theft.
  • Wrap books up: Simply stashing books in a storage unit often isn’t enough to protect them from the elements. Take extra care with your books by wrapping them individually in cloth or packing material. This will protect them from the elements and keep them in better condition during storage.
  • Store books in boxes: Find sturdy cardboard boxes to store your books. Avoid storing books in plastic, since it can restrict ventilation and increase the risk of mold. Place your books carefully in the boxes once they have been properly wrapped.
  • Keep books off the floor: It’s best to avoid putting books directly on the floor of your storage unit. Instead, use a shelf, pallet or other piece of furniture to store your books up and away from the ground. This helps keep books away from concrete that can transfer moisture and cause damage.
  • Check on your storage unit regularly: Checking on your storage unit from time to time will give you peace of mind knowing your possessions are safe and secure. This also gives you the opportunity to check for any problems with your storage unit that might need to be addressed to ensure all your items are stored safely and securely.

Book storage in Plymouth, MA

For quality storage options for your book collection, reach out to A Plus Storage Corporation. We offer a wide range of storage options, including climate-controlled units, to store all your possessions safely for as long as needed. We offer storage units in a range of sizes, and we offer internal and drive-up units to accommodate your unique needs. Find out more about all the storage units we offer by giving us a call or stopping by today to talk to our team.

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