It’s common practice for people to pack clothes away for seasonal storage. After all, chances are you’re not going to need all your summer apparel during the dead of winter.

Packing clothes involves more than just throwing your unnecessary clothes into a box, though. You’ll want to take some additional steps to make sure you preserve the quality of your clothes.

With this in mind, here are some tips for packing clothes away for storage in Plymouth, MA:

  • Wash first: Everything you’re putting into storage should be washed before you store it away. If you pack away dirty clothes, it could produce funky smells, mildew or mold. If you aren’t certain the clothes you’re packing away are clean, put them through the wash—it can’t hurt.
  • Use plastic: Rather than putting your clothes into cardboard boxes, you should find plastic bins instead. Cardboard boxes and plastic bags do not offer enough protection to your clothes, and will leave them vulnerable to moisture, bacteria or pests. Plastic bins offer a much greater level of protection against pests, humidity and debris. Leave enough room in the bins for there to be at least a bit of air so your clothes can breathe. Ideally you will use opaque bins to protect against potential light exposure as well.
  • Label: If you’re using multiple bins or will be storing items for an extended period of time, it’s a good idea to use labels so you know exactly which items are located in which bins. A full inventory system may be necessary if you are using a large number of storage bins.
  • Pest protection: Using plastic bins is a great first step to protect your items against pests, but there are some additional measures you can take if you have any concerns about the presence of pests. Rather than using foul-smelling mothballs or dangerous pesticides, consider throwing some cedar chips into your bins. These are a natural deterrent to pests that will not damage your clothes.
  • Location: The location in which you store your clothes is another important factor in ensuring they will remain in good condition. Ideally you should store them in a dry, dark, cool environment. Rather than putting clothes in an attic or garage that’s likely to experience some significant temperature swings over the course of the year, you should instead place them in areas that have much greater climate control, such as commercial storage units.
  • Avoid vacuum packing: Vacuum packing clothing can be tempting, because it will help you be much more efficient with your use of space. However, it can damage your clothes. Natural fibers in clothes need air, and vacuum packing sucks all that air out, which will hasten the natural wear and tear of your clothes. Lightly pack your items into bins rather than cramming as much as possible into a small space.

These are just a few of the best tips you can employ to keep your clothes in good condition during long periods of storage. For more information about how to pack clothes for storage and how to store clothes in a storage unit in Plymouth, MA, contact A Plus Storage Corporation today.

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