If you’ve recently moved houses, you might quickly realize that not all of your belongings fit right into the new space. For example, the dining room table might be a bit too small, or the pictures on the wall don’t look right in the new lighting. Fortunately, storage solutions exist, and one space-saving tactic we see people doing more of is storing extra beds and mattresses.

If you’ve needed to convert a spare bedroom into a home office during these strange times, then mattress storage in Plymouth, MA might appeal to you. Below are some easy steps you can take to ensure it’ll be in perfect condition once you need it again and can retrieve it from the storage facility.

Thoroughly clean and air it out

First of all, you should completely clean the entire mattress. The best way to start is by carefully vacuuming every inch of the surface on both sides. You’ll have to first remove it from the frame and take off all bed coverings. Then, use the nozzle attachment on your vacuum cleaner to make sure you’re picking up all of the dust and dirt that accumulates over time.

Next, sprinkle baking soda on one side of the mattress and let it sit for a few hours. Vacuum all of this up, and then repeat this process on the other side. This will help keep odors at bay while your mattress is in storage in Plymouth, MA. Finally, let it air out for a few hours before going on to the next step in the process.

Wrap the mattress in plastic

Protecting a mattress from damage while in storage can be a simple task. You’ll want to find a plastic covering that’s light and breathable. Thicker plastics can cause any excess moisture to become trapped, which could mean you pull a mattress out of storage that has an unpleasant mildew smell to it. You can even buy a mattress bag that’s specifically made for this purpose—they’re inexpensive and usually cost around $20. No matter what type of bag you use, make sure you’re securing the plastic with packing tape all the way around to create a complete seal. It’s also a good idea to open up the bag every few months while it’s in storage to let the mattress air out a bit.

Moving the mattress

The final part of preparing a mattress to store in Plymouth, MA is getting it to its destination. Make sure you always lay it flat when you’re moving it—otherwise, it can easily warp. It’s also best to use a covered moving truck to get it to the storage facility—that way you can be sure you’re doing it safely. Tying a mattress to the roof of a car is a terrible idea that can easily lead to accidents. Finally, once you’ve arrived at the storage unit, make sure you don’t store anything on top of the mattress.

Mattress storage in Plymouth, MA is a great way to hang onto a bed that you don’t immediately need but will want to use someday. A Plus Storage Corporation offers storage units in all different sizes for all different needs—give us a call today to learn more about your options!

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