How to Safely Store a TV

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These uncertain times have caused many people to move into new apartments or houses. Oftentimes, not all of their electronics can fit. Maybe your new place had a nicer TV included, or you just don’t have enough space to fit your second one. No matter the reason, TV storage in Plymouth, MA is something that should be undertaken with care. These are intricate machines, and there are some easy steps you can take to be certain your TV comes out of storage working just as well as when you unplugged it and moved it into your storage unit.

Clean it thoroughly

Step one of storing anything is to make sure it’s completely spotless before you pack it away, and TV storage in Plymouth, MA is no different. Dust can be a real menace to electronics, and televisions can suffer from the effects of dust buildup. Use your vacuum cleaner on a low setting to make sure there’s no debris in the vented parts of the TV set, and dust all exterior cables as well. Next, thoroughly clean the screen and plastic portions with a cleaner made especially for electronics. It’s vitally important to spray this onto the cloth first—never spray cleaner directly onto a television.

Save the box

It’s always a good idea to hang onto the box your TV came in. That way, you’ll know you have the container and all of the foam and cardboard pieces to secure it in place if you ever need to move it. If you didn’t think of this or didn’t have the space to store it, that’s perfectly fine. Most moving supply stores will have boxes made specifically for televisions of all different sizes, or at the very least you can wrap the item in bubble wrap or blankets. Then, place it into a large box and fill it with bubble wrap or packing peanuts so it can’t move around.

Position it correctly

When moving a TV into storage in Plymouth, MA, the proper placement of the set is key. You should never store a television on its back—this can cause major damage to the internal components. Also, you should label it on all sides so everyone knows what a delicate piece it is. This will prevent anyone from putting anything on top of the box and damaging its contents. It’s best to place the TV set in an isolated area if possible, and it’s always a good idea to have it in a climate-controlled space so excess heat or cold can’t do any harm.

Storing electronics requires a bit of care and foresight, but if you take the time to do it right your television, will be as good as new whenever you eventually unpack it.

Whether you need climate-controlled storage, vehicle storage or just to stock up on moving supplies, partnering with the right storage facility is the easiest way to feel confident your belongings are safe and secure. Give A Plus Storage Corporation a call today to find out about what we can offer!

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