How to Store Collectibles

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Whatever you collect, there often comes a time when the collection is more than you can keep in your home at any given time. Whether you’re between homes and storing your possessions until you move into your new place, or have just amassed 10 too many vintage Barbie dolls, sometimes the best solution for your collectibles is to carefully store them away. Of course, since your collection is probably full of sentimental (or monetary) value, it’s important to store them properly so they remain in the best condition possible. Here’s how to safely store your collectibles in a Plymouth, MA storage unit:

  • Separate your collections from clutter: You might be tempted to store your collectibles in the same boxes you’re using to pack away other clutter. Avoid this temptation and get separate packing materials for both, so you don’t have to dig through a bunch of unwanted items before you get to your collectibles.
  • Avoid sunlight and excessive heat and cold: No matter what you collect, they need to be kept out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Many collectibles are old and fragile. Depending on what they’re made from, they could melt or crack in extreme temperatures.
  • Get the right packing supplies: The way you pack your collectibles will determine what kind of shape they’re in when you retrieve them from storage. Resist the urge to overpack large boxes. Instead, pack your items in small or medium-sized boxes, using bubble wrap, paper, old t-shirts and towels or other padding to keep everything looking pristine. Tape them shut with packing tape and clearly label each box on multiple sides.
  • Find a climate-controlled storage unit: If you’re storing your goods at home, you won’t need to worry about humidity and the weather—but that’s not practical for most people. Luckily, many storage companies offer climate-controlled units that will preserve your most precious items.

Specific collectibles

Naturally, how you store your collectibles depends on what kinds of items you’re dealing with. Here are tips to keep in mind for some specific materials and types of collectibles:

  • Wood: If you’re storing wooden items, like antique furniture, climate control is a must. Make sure the humidity is between 35 and 65 percent. Since wood needs to “breathe,” avoid using plastic to wrap or cushion the items. Try sheets and blankets instead.
  • Clothing: Never use wire hangers, as they can rust, especially in humid climates. Instead, use wardrobe boxes and lay the clothing flat inside. Like wood, clothing needs to breathe, so don’t wrap it in plastic—but you may want to add cedar blocks in case moths make their way into your unit.
  • Records: Store vinyl records upright in their sleeves, at 50 degrees Fahrenheit and 35 percent humidity.
  • Comic books: Store comic books and individual trading cards in plastic sleeves. You can store these in boxes or in bookcases, as long as the humidity is in the 50 percent range.

Storing your collectibles requires a little extra effort and care, but it’s worth the time to preserve your favorite pieces.

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