It is so much more fun to take out your holiday decorations at the beginning of the season than to put them away again after the holidays are over. There’s no getting around the end of the holiday blues, but if you store your decorations properly you will make sure your treasured family decorations last longer and are easier to get up around the house next year.

Keeping holiday decorations in a storage unit in Plymouth, MA is a great idea for those who don’t have a ton of storage space at home. Here are some tips to make holiday storage a little less painful going forward.

Artificial trees

Artificial Christmas trees are a prime example of why putting your holiday decorations in a storage unit is a good idea. Since they’re heavy and bulky, not everyone has room in their home to store a Christmas tree all year long. They’re difficult to lug upstairs or finagle into a trap-door attic. But properly storing an artificial Christmas tree in a secure, dry storage facility will help it last for many years to come.

Holiday wreaths

Wreaths are a great addition to any home during the holidays, but they can be a hassle to store. If you want your wreaths to last, you can’t just toss them into a bin with other decorations in storage. You need to be careful, especially when a wreath is made out of dried twigs and berries, but even artificial greenery wreaths need to be stored in crush-proof containers. If you have room in a storage unit, you can store wreaths by wrapping them loosely in fabric or plastic and hanging them on the wall. If you’re keeping decorations in a storage unit, be sure to get hard containers to protect your wreaths.

Ornaments, hooks and hangers

There are many containers you can purchase to store ornaments that are designed with layers and padding to protect your ornaments while saving space. If you’re going to purchase any specific storage containers for your holiday decorations, you should choose an ornament case. It’s also a good idea to get small divided storage cases for ornament hangers and hooks to keep with your holiday decorations in storage. That way you’re not risking finding ornament hooks scattered at the bottom of storage containers when you’re decorating your tree in the future.

Seasonal linens

From tree skirts to Christmas-themed tablecloths or cloth napkins, most families have a number of holiday-specific linens they take out once a year. These are a great candidate for long-term storage, since you don’t need to access them often. Protect your holiday linens by storing them in airtight vacuum storage garment bags. That will keep them safe from moisture, mold, dust and pests, while also saving you space for more holiday decoration storage.

Storage facilities

If you have a lot of holiday decorations for which you need storage in Plymouth, MA, consider renting space at A Plus Storage Corporation. Our facilities are clean and safe for all your family heirlooms you want to have out during the holidays but don’t want cluttering your home all year long. Contact A Plus Storage Corporation to get more space today!

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