It seems like things multiply quickly around the house. What starts as small piles of mail or toys becomes huge accumulations of clutter that seem to be impossible to tackle. The good news is that there are lots of ways to minimize clutter around the house—including investing in an off-site storage space in Plymouth, MA. If you’re interested in downsizing your household, keep reading for some tips to get the most out of self storage.

Here are seven helpful tips for using storage units in Plymouth County, MA to downsize your household:

  • Get a head start: Procrastination can leave you in a very stressful spot when it’s time to move things into storage. Avoid any unnecessary stress by preparing a few months in advance and planning what you want to store ahead of time.
  • Choose the right size storage unit: Storage units in Plymouth County, MA come in many different sizes. Choose a unit that has all the space you need to store your items while leaving room to allow you to access everything in the storage unit.
  • Separate out items that you don’t need: There’s no need to keep items on hand if you won’t need them on a regular basis. If you’re having a hard time deciding what to put into storage, start with the items that you don’t use more than a couple of times a year.
  • Work in stages: Trying to box up and store everything at once can be overwhelming. Working in stages and packing up rooms individually is a great way to minimize stress and keep a storage project on track.
  • Get rid of clutter along the way: Just because you have space to store all your extra items doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to keep everything. In fact, preparing to put items in storage is a great time to get rid of things you don’t need anymore. Think critically about the items you don’t need, and donate or discard things as you work on transitioning things into storage.
  • Invest in organization solutions: Organization solutions are great for keeping storage units tidy and making it easy to access important items like documents. Pick up some storage solutions that will help you keep everything in your storage unit as tidy and organized as possible.
  • Keep an inventory of what’s in storage: It’s easy to forget exactly what you’re keeping in storage unit, so try to keep track of everything by taking an inventory of what’s been stored. This will make it much easier to find items, even if they’ve been in storage for months or years.

Find storage units in Plymouth County, MA

If you’re looking for storage space in Plymouth, MA, look no further than A Plus Storage Corporation. We offer a wide variety of storage options, including indoor and outdoor units as well as climate-controlled storage units. Find out more about what we have to offer by giving us a call or stopping by for a tour of our facilities today.

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