As springtime gets in full swing in Kingston, MA, it’s time to put your ski equipment in a storage unit until winter weather returns later in the year. Since you want to make sure all your equipment is ready to go as soon as the first snow hits, take some simple steps to store everything during the off-season. If you plan on storing skis in a storage unit during the warm spring and summer months, here’s how to do it the right way.

Look over the equipment

The first step to storing skis in a storage unit is looking over the equipment for potential damage. If you hit the slopes frequently over the winter, you’re likely to see some damage and wear and tear to your skis and boots. Since you want to have your equipment ready the second the first snow hits Kingston, MA, take care of any repairs during the off-season to beat the rush. Also be sure to look over your ski attire—if you have a ski jacket that’s lost its weatherproof coating or a pair of ski goggles that are scratched and outdated, replace them now so you’ll be ready to go in the winter.

Clean skis and ski boots

There are all kinds of things that can be stuck on your skis, including salt, dirt and grimy residue. Before storing the skis for the off-season, use a garden hose to rinse your skis clean, then scrub stubborn spots of grime with a citrus-based solution. Give them a final rinse and let them dry.

Cleaning ski boots for storage is a more complicated task. They should be completely clean inside and out. Remove the insoles and inserts and wipe the interior of the boots with a damp cloth. As you allow the inside to dry, wipe down the soles and outside of the boots. Once the interior is dry, replace the insoles and inserts, then tie up the laces and buckle the straps to ensure the boots keep their proper shape. Put them in a zippered boot bag before placing them in your climate-controlled storage unit.

Give skis a tune-up

Before putting skis in storage, perform a simple tune-up so they’ll be ready to go when you need them. Look for nicks, burrs and rust spots and repair these areas with a P-Tex candle, wiping away any excess polyethylene from the skis. The next step is sharpening the edges by using a diamond stone to smooth out burrs and a gummy stone to get the edges polished. After all gouges in your skis are fixed, give skis a summer coat of wax from tip to tail. Store skis upright in your storage unit and they’ll be ready for the next ski season.

Since ski equipment is bulky and takes up a lot of space, storing your skis in a storage unit in Kingston, MA is a smart way to safely get them out of the way during the off-season. A climate-controlled storage unit gives you peace of mind that your ski equipment is protected throughout the warm spring, summer and fall months. Contact A Plus Storage Corporation to learn more about how the right storage unit can keep your valuable equipment safe.

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