Self-storage units are a convenient solution for many people. Whether it’s long-term storage of treasured items that you don’t currently have space for, or just a temporary spot while you complete a move, a climate-controlled storage unit is a great way to ensure your stuff stays safe and protected.

One problem people run into is that they simply dump all their stuff in the storage unit, then are unable to find what they need when they go back to it later. That’s why it’s important to organize your storage space in Plymouth, MA. Read on to find out our leading tips on how to maximize the functionality and convenience of your storage unit.

Write up an inventory

If you’re planning on keeping a range of items in storage, you may mistakenly believe you can remember all of them. Then you’ll show up five months or five years later, only to discover that you have no idea what’s in every box. That’s why it’s critical to create an inventory that lists every item stored in the unit. Create a spreadsheet that lists each item along with any relevant notes, such as the condition of the piece. You may want to also take photos of the items ahead of time and specify where in the unit they’ll be located.

Store the heaviest items on the bottom in the back

Having a plan for where to store your stuff is a smart idea, too. One surefire way to make things easier is to put large, heavy items at the bottom of any stack toward the back of the unit. This will prevent these heavier items from crushing others beneath them. It will also mean that, when you need things from the storage unit, you won’t always have to move the heavy items out of the way first.

Use clear bins

Your instinct for putting stuff into storage may be to use trusty cardboard boxes like you would for a move, but you can simplify things by using clear plastic bins instead. Though they’ll cost a little bit more, you’ll be happy you spent the money once you can see all the items located inside. This will prevent you from having to dig through cardboard boxes for that one specific thing you need.

Always use labels

When in doubt, add more labels than you expect you’ll need. Here again, you may think you’re going to be able to remember everything that’s going into the unit, but you probably won’t. This will make it easier to find those items you need more quickly. Make sure you use printed labels or permanent marker so the labels will still be readable for years to come.

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