If you’re planning on using a storage unit, you might think they’re all created the same. It’s just a place to dump your things and pick them up when you need them, right?

This actually isn’t quite true. The reality is that leaving your items in any type of storage unit, regardless of the facility’s overall quality, could lead to their being damaged. For example, damp conditions could result in mold or water damage, while extreme heat could cause irreparable damage to electronics or furniture.

This is where climate-controlled storage units come in. These state-of-the-art storage units maintain a consistent temperature throughout the year, and some even offer enhanced humidity control. These self-storage units in Kingston, MA are ideal for everything from antiques and musical instruments to electronics and works of art. Let’s take a look at all the benefits of a climate-controlled storage unit.

Less dust and debris

If you have a climate-controlled unit, it’s likely inside a building that has sealed and insulated walls, floors and a roof. That provides an extra layer of protection from dirt, rodents, dust, debris and more. It’s the difference between storing something in an outdoor shed versus in your bedroom closet.

For those who are storing valuable and treasured items, an interior storage unit offers another level of protection. It ensures a higher level of air quality and filters out dust and debris from getting inside the unit.

No more extreme temperatures

By leaving your items in an outdoor storage unit, you’d likely be subjecting them to severe temperatures at some point. Whether it’s soaring into the triple digits during the summer or dropping below zero in the winter, it won’t matter for your climate-controlled storage unit. Keeping the temperature consistent is helpful for preventing damage to any of the following:

  • Wooden furniture
  • Important documents
  • Books
  • Musical instruments
  • Antiques

Adding humidity protection

For those who take protecting their valuable items seriously, humidity protection offers another level of security. By paying a bit more for climate and humidity control, you can virtually guarantee that your items will be preserved in their current state. Anyone who’s a collector or investor knows how important this is.

With the changing seasons, the humidity can bounce around significantly. This causes a range of problems, especially with wooden items and paper. Antique furniture may crack, rot or warp due to excessive changes in humidity. Humidity control also ensures that the unit never becomes damp during the wetter spring months.

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