Preparing to store your stuff in a storage unit is just as important as loading the unit up. Carefully cleaning, packing and organizing your items ensures you’ll be able to access them whenever you need them—and they’ll leave the unit in the same condition in which they arrived. Here are our best tips for packing and organizing a storage unit:

  • Opt for climate-controlled storage: If you have items that won’t stand up well to heat, humidity or cold temperatures, climate-controlled storage is always the best option. Your vintage clothing, antique furniture and expensive electronics can all be damaged by outdoor weather conditions—even if the unit is sealed well.
  • Clean the unit: Your storage company should have assigned you a clean unit, but it never hurts to make sure it’s perfectly clean. Sweep the floors, mop and wipe down the walls to ensure your items remain clean and safe. If you notice any cracks or problems with the sealing, let the management know as soon as possible.
  • Consider shelving: When storing lots of smaller items, adding freestanding shelves can help you keep things organized and accessible. This is a great time to comb the “free” section on sites like Craigslist or Nextdoor—they don’t have to be perfect as long as they’re functional.
  • Get plastic boxes: For items like clothing, stuffed animals, books, toys and other things that need to be protected from dust or insects, get sturdy plastic storage boxes. They’re easy to stack, and if you choose the clear variety, you’ll always know what’s in the box.
  • Break down furniture: If you’re storing furniture, try to break it down as much as possible before moving it into the unit. Use old blankets or sheets to prevent scratches and dents.
  • Drain appliances: When storing appliances, make sure you drain them of water before moving them into the unit. Washing machines, dishwashers and refrigerators all have hoses or tanks that should be dried before storing. Deep clean each appliance and spray for pests.
  • Back up and pack electronics: If you still have the boxes your electronics came in, use those to pack them up. Wrap up and label cords, and use old blankets or sheets to protect your items from dust.
  • Store clothes in sealed containers: Plastic boxes are a great way to store clothing. Save any silica gel packets you find to put inside—they’ll soak up any moisture and prevent mold or mildew from forming.
  • Be careful with delicate items: If you have glassware, mirrors and other breakable items, make sure to pack them carefully with bubble wrap, blankets and other padding. Store these items on top of your heavy-duty pieces, like furniture.

Packing your storage unit is easy when you follow these tips, and it makes being able to find your items that much easier in the event you need to access them. To get your own storage unit, call or stop by A Plus Storage Corporation today. We offer affordable storage options for all your needs.

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