Owning a boat comes with a ton of responsibilities that you might not think of before purchasing one. In addition to cleaning it after each use and having it maintained by a professional, you need to consider where you’ll store it when you’re not on the water. Continue reading to learn more about your boat storage options.

Self-storage unit

Your first storage option—and the one we specialize in—is keeping your boat in a self-storage facility. Self-storage units can be temperature controlled to protect your boat from the elements in the winter, and they’re often monitored under 24/7 security.

At A Plus Storage Corporation, we offer a variety of units to store boats of all different sizes. Plus, our facility is just a few minutes from Cape Cod Bay.

Outdoor self-storage facility

In addition to our indoor units, we also offer an outdoor storage space that’s perfect for boat trailers. Again, when you choose to store with us, it’s easy to drive up to drop your boat off and pick it up again when it’s time to hit the water.

Keep in mind that storing your boat outside throughout the winter requires some extra preparation. If you’re going this route, ensure your boat is properly winterized and covered to withstand harsh winter conditions.

Dry-stacked storage

As the name implies, a dry-stacked storage facility is a warehouse that stacks boats on top of one another. The boats are lifted off their storage racks with forklifts by the employees, so all you need to do is call ahead to have them get your boat ready for you.

Dry-stacked storage may not be an option for all boat sizes, and dry-stacked storage is typically quite a bit more expensive than keeping your boat in a self-storage facility.

Your garage

If you’re on a budget, keeping your boat in your garage is a great choice for boat storage. Attached garages keep your boat warm through the winter months, so you won’t need to do a ton of winterization work in the off season, and your boat will always be available when you’re ready to head out for a day on the water.

Storing your boat in your garage is a problem for homeowners with limited garage space, though. You may need to make a sacrifice and park your vehicles outside if you go this route.

Marina slip

The easiest option is keeping your boat in the water at the marina. Renting or buying a boat slip can be expensive, but the convenience factor often makes it worth the extra cost.

Be advised that this will only be an option during late spring through the end of summer, so you’ll need to find a storage facility for the colder months.

Store your boat at A Plus Storage Corporation

If you’d like to store your boat in a self-storage facility, look no further than A Plus Storage Corporation. We offer indoor and outdoor boat storage options to accommodate any boat or budget. Give us a call today to learn more about our rates or our facility.

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