If you’re running out of places in your home to cram all those boxes of stuff that you just can’t seem to live without, then it might be time to look for a storage space. But how do you know what size to get?

Here’s some detail on what will fit into many common-sized storage spaces.

Storage unit sizes

When you’re trying to decide between different sizes of storage units, it can be difficult to get a mental picture of just how much space you need for all your stuff. Here are some common sizes and estimations of how much they will hold:

  • 5 foot x 5 foot space: This is about the size of a small walk-in closet. It can hold one or two small pieces of furniture, about six to eight boxes and possibly some tall, narrow items like lamps.
  • 5 foot x 10 foot space: This is the size of a standard walk-in closet. It can hold two pieces of furniture and about 10 to 15 boxes, as well as a mattress and/or box spring. This size unit will have a good amount of depth, so be sure to keep items you may need access to more frequently toward the front of the unit to keep from having to pull out a lot of stuff too often.
  • 5 foot x 15 foot space: This is a narrow, deep storage space. It is close to the size of a small bedroom and can hold furnishings for the average 500-square-foot residence (excluding major appliances). When filling a unit of this depth, be sure to leave a passageway to access items in the rear of the unit.
  • 10 foot x 10 foot space: This space can hold furnishings for a 750-square-foot, 1-bedroom apartment. If you’re storing a mattress, consider storing it against the wall or atop heavy boxes rather than under them to extend the life of the mattress.
  • 10 foot x 15 foot space: A space this size can hold furnishings for an average 1,000-square-foot apartment, including some appliances.
  • 10 foot x 20 foot space: If you’re looking for enough space to store things from a 1,500-square-foot residence, this is the size to start with. It is the size of two to three bedrooms. You may also be able to fit a compact vehicle into a space this size.
  • 10 foot x 30 foot space: If you have a large home’s worth of stuff to store, consider this size. It can also accommodate a boat, commercial trailer and most full-size vehicles. If you have a storage unit this size full of your stuff (especially if you are storing a vehicle or boat), you will want to make sure you have a storage insurance policy to protect it all.

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