Do you need self-storage? Whether you could use some extra space to store seasonal decorations or you’re in the midst of a move and need temporary space for your belongings, self-storage is a common solution. Here’s what you can expect to pay for this convenience and the various factors that affect this cost.

Average cost

Storage units are typically paid for by the month. The average cost to rent a self-storage unit is around $90 per month.

Cost factors

This cost can vary significantly based on several factors. If you need self-storage, consider the following variables that can increase or decrease your monthly fee.

  • Unit size: Of course, larger self-storage units cost more than smaller ones. However, the cost per square foot usually goes down as you increase in size.
  • Demand: The rule of supply and demand works with self-storage units as it does in other parts of the economy. If there is a limited number of units in your area and a high demand for storage, the prices will be higher.
  • Climate control: If you would like your self-storage unit to have climate control, this will cost more. You can expect to pay up to 50 percent more for a climate-controlled self-storage space. These units are well worth the extra investment if you are storing valuables that can be damaged by extreme temperatures.
  • Location: Self-storage units in rural areas are usually lower in cost than those in urban areas. The general cost of living in your area may also affect prices.
  • Season: What time of year are you looking to rent self-storage? Between May and September, you can expect to pay more for self-storage, since this is the season of higher demand.
  • Insurance: The price of a self-storage unit does not usually include the cost of insurance. Your homeowners or renters insurance policy may cover items that you have in storage, but it is important to confirm this with your insurance provider. If you need coverage, the self-storage facility can provide an insurance policy for you.
  • Site features: Some self-storage facilities offer enhanced security features, such as video cameras and electronic gate entry. Others offer money-saving features such as kiosk systems to manage the rentals. The types of features at the facility will affect the total cost of the self-storage rental.
  • Full service: If you would like full-service self-storage, you can pay a little more for this option. These services will pick up your items for you and place them in the self-storage unit. When you would like your belongings returned to your home, the service will pick them up and deliver them back to you.

We know storage

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