Now that summer is over, it’s time to pack up some of your vacation gear. For many people, this means preparing their RV for storage. Both indoor and outdoor RV storage facilities offer a great way to protect your vehicle during the harsh winter weather. However, it’s important to perform some maintenance on your RV before putting it into storage, particularly if you’re planning to store it outdoors. Read on for plenty of information on preparing your RV for a stay in a storage facility:

  • Take care of the tires: After sitting for long periods of time, an RV’s tires can start to develop flat spots. To prevent this, consider taking your RV out for a drive every few weeks or so. Another great way to take care of the tires is by placing your RV on jacks and blocks while it’s in a winter storage facility. This will help take a lot of pressure off your tires.
  • Clean the outside: It’s important to give your RV a good cleaning before storing it. This will help prevent dirt and grime from damaging the paint. Avoid using harsh chemicals when cleaning the exterior of your RV, as they can damage the paint as well. Instead, use mild soap and warm water to give your RV a thorough cleaning. You may also want to use a quality cleaning product on the windows.
  • Don’t forget the interior: Maintaining the interior of your RV is just as important as maintaining the exterior. Give the inside of your RV a thorough cleaning to remove any dust, dirt and other contaminants that may have accumulated over your summer vacations. A good cleaning will help prevent mold and mildew growth. Also, be sure to keep the blinds closed to avoid harsh sun exposure to the interior.
  • Remove the battery: Don’t overlook removing the battery prior to car or RV storage. Cold temperatures can do a lot of damage to an RV’s battery. Remove your battery and store it somewhere safe. This will help prevent you from needing to buy a new battery every season.
  • Invest in an RV cover: A top-quality RV cover is a great investment, especially if you plan on storing your vehicle outdoors. These covers are designed to protect RVs from a variety of different things, including harsh weather, animal droppings, harmful UV rays and more. Just be sure to invest in a cover specifically designed for RVs.
  • Protect your RV from pests: No matter where you keep your RV, pests can sometimes be a problem. You don’t want pests like rats and squirrels chewing wires or damaging the interior of your RV. That’s why it’s important to keep all points of entry to your RV sealed properly. Be sure to check all the windows and doors of your RV for gaps, as some rodents can slip through just about any opening. Pests are another reason it’s important to clean your RV properly. You don’t want to tempt them by leaving crumbs or other food lying around.

At A Plus Storage Corporation, we offer a variety of different outdoor and indoor storage units, including for RVs. Contact us to discuss your RV storage needs and we’ll be able to recommend and set you up with the ideal unit.

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