Like any business, storage facilities must have a set of rules to protect property, employees and patrons. But because self-storage is a unique industry, some business owners might not know which rules to put in place or how to enforce them.

This post from our storage facility pros will teach you all the rules that should be enforced at your self-storage business to ensure smooth operation.

No living in the units

Due to a lack of affordable housing and relatively stagnant wages, homelessness is a problem facing the entire nation. One seemingly viable option for anyone down on their luck is to live in their storage unit. They believe they should be able to do whatever they want, so long as they’re paying their rent.

Unfortunately, a storage unit isn’t a home. Among many other problems, anyone living in a storage facility creates a greater risk of fires.

Rent must be paid on time

This one seems obvious at first—that’s until one of your most loyal renters needs a few extra days to pay rent. Letting one or two people pay late for one reason or another creates a snowball effect. Eventually, the word can get out that you’re fine with late payments.

Ensure that all renters know there’s a no-late-payments rule, and consider imposing fees for anyone who doesn’t make their payment on time.

No smoking

Smoking inside the units themselves or the climate-controlled portion of your storage facility should be a no-brainer, but it’s not a bad idea to impose a site-wide smoking ban. Not only does a smoking ban create a more comfortable area for renters, but it also drastically reduces the risk of a costly fire outbreak.

No dumping

If you’ve ever walked past your facility’s dumpster and seen couches or other bulky items stuffed inside or around the dumpster, you probably felt a little angry. Having furniture scattered around your dumpster looks unsightly and increases the possibility of a pest infestation.

Prohibit your renters from using your facility’s dumpster for their belongings, and post signage saying so. If needed, you can put a locked fence around the dumpster or install security cameras to deter renters from using your bins.

No unauthorized access

In general, it’s a good idea to limit storage unit use to one person per lease. This cuts back on the traffic at your storage facility, and it also helps keep everyone’s belongings safe. The only exception would be if you’re renting a unit to a group of college students who will be sharing the unit. However, this is another slippery slope that could lead to a ton of renters taking advantage.

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