Preparing your boat for winter now will mean your boat is ready to go when you uncover it in the spring. It’s also a smart preventative maintenance move that will help your boat stay in the best condition possible. Your boat is a major investment, so taking the time to take care of your boat and ensure that it’s in good working order makes sense.

Read on to find out our leading tips for boat storage.

Change the oil

Just like with a car, one of the top things you can do to keep your boat running well is to change the oil. You’ll also want to switch out the filters on the boat’s inboard and outboard engines as well as the stern drive. It’s best to change the oil when the engine is slightly warm. Make sure to use the correct oil for your boat. Changing the oil will protect the engine by preventing corrosion via water and acid.

Prepare the fuel system

Another boat storage tip is to top off the fuel tank before you store it for the winter. This will prevent condensation buildup, which is liable to lead to corrosion. Be sure to change the fuel filter at the end of the boating system as well. If your boat doesn’t already have a fuel stabilizer, then consider adding one.

Clean the boat

Scrub down the boat’s interior, exterior, hardware and trim. Give the outside a fresh wax so that it’s protected from the elements. This will provide time to inspect the boat for damage like cracks and blistering. Get the necessary repairs before the boat’s stored for the season. These are good practices to help extend the boat’s lifespan.

Disconnect the battery

The boat’s battery may die if left connected but dormant. Disconnect the battery, and then top it off using distilled water. If possible, you may want to run the battery a few times during the winter to ensure that it’s working properly when spring rolls around.

Flush the cooling system

Use fresh water to take any dirt, debris and salt out of the cooling system. This step will protect the system from corrosion. If you’re leaving the boat out in a colder climate, you may want to run antifreeze through the system.

Do a final inspection

Remove any items from the boat before storing it. Look for any damage to the interior, exterior and mechanical system. Now’s the best time to do so before the damage becomes more expensive to fix.

Store it right

Cover your boat to protect it from dirt and dust while in storage. If possible, find a climate-controlled storage facility where you know your boat will be safe and secure.

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