Self-storage facilities are everywhere in the United States, and many people can agree that such a facility came in handy in the past when they needed to store some items that they couldn’t find space for in their homes. However, some things need to be kept under special conditions, like expensive artwork, which needs climate-controlled storage. The demand for such specialized storage has shot up recently and is expected to keep rising.

What Is Climate-Controlled Storage?

Unlike in the tropics, temperatures in the continental U.S. vary significantly through the seasons. Not all items can remain in a superb condition while in storage through the harsh seasonal temperature changes. Climate-controlled storage provides a storage environment with a favorable temperature that allows keeping temperature-sensitive items for extended periods. Generally, this kind of storage maintains temperatures above 40 degrees in the winter and below 90 degrees during the summer. Additionally, it regulates the humidity inside the storage unit to remain below 65% to prevent mildew and mold.

Are the Climate-Controlled Units Efficient?

Unlike the climate-controlled units of the earlier days, the climate-controlled storage units of today are exceptionally efficient. This efficiency has been brought about by advanced climate-control technology. The thermostats fitted to these storage units are automatic and can accurately regulate the temperature.

Additionally, most self-storage facilities use a narrower temperature range throughout the year, which keeps the costs down. Many will set the temperatures for the climate-controlled units at 50 degrees during winter and as low as 80 degrees during summer. Since temperatures in the summer seldom go above 90 degrees, most facilities concentrate on dehumidifying.

Financial Considerations

As the efficiency of running climate-controlled units has significantly improved over the last two years, the cost of renting a unit has come down as well. In the current market environment, you can expect the cost of renting a climate-controlled unit to be between 20% and 25% of the cost of renting a traditional self-storage unit. The additional cost is likely worth it for the security of knowing that the items you have stored will still be in excellent shape when you take them out of the climate-controlled storage.

Getting the Most Value for a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

  • If you are going for a climate-controlled unit, you likely don’t need to access the items stored as often. Therefore, you can pick a location farther away from the city, which will be less costly.
  • If you plan on storing items that don’t need a lot of space, you should go for a smaller-sized unit which will be cheaper than a larger unit.
  • Check the security standards at the self-storage facility. If you are storing expensive items, it’s probably worth the cost to go for a more secure facility.

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