Picking storage units is a task most homeowners are not familiar with. What happens when you need to find storage units for a new home or remodeling? You need to know when to get a small storage unit and when to choose a bigger one. One essential requirement that will guarantee you better results is taking an inventory of your belongings to know how much space you need. Here is everything to know about how to estimating the storage unit size you will need.

Estimating the Storage Unit Size You Need

Perform an Inventory

When estimating the storage unit size, the first step is identifying how much stuff you have. Before counting your boxes and suitcases, you can start by identifying large items like tables and couches. Writing things down will improve your accountability and prove helpful in the final arrangement. A significant part of the estimation process will help you find a storage unit size fitting all your property perfectly.

Confirm Your Current Storage Options

Modern houses have several storage options available, from kitchen drawers to attic spaces. It would help confirm that all the space available is used up, and no more space is open for the extra belongings. Nobody would like to spend money on massive storage units only to discover you still have room. You can also consider rearranging your storage spaces to find more space for other items.

The price difference between small and large storage units is significant. It means you need to make the correct decision the first time to ensure you get value for your money. Small storage units are ideal for storing outdoor gear, small furniture, and seasonal decorations.

Calculate the Space Needed

Now that you know what you plan to store, you must calculate the space needed to accommodate your belongings. The calculations require you to take unit measurements and identify how much space there is. You can take the measurements in either square feet or cubic feet.

There is no definite way to measure your items. One practical approach most consider is piling them up in a stack and measuring the entire stack. You can pile items you plan to store together and measure the size it would take to house all of them.

Deciding the Size

After measuring everything, you have to decide whether to buy a medium or large storage unit. There are numerous storage products offered in different sizes, and the size significantly depends on how much stuff you have. The standard capacities for various types are 50 square feet for small units, 150 for medium ones, and 300 for large storage units. You should compare the different size prospects with your belongings and find one that guarantees safety for your items.

Although it may seem simple, picking the correct storage unit size is challenging for many. Many elements are concerned, making it even more likely to make a wrong decision. Contact A Plus Storage Corporation for any inquiries about storage units and to find the ideal option for your home.

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