From making bright markers to color-code boxes to taking steps to reorganize your floor plan, there are many different ways to spruce up your storage unit during the spring cleaning season. Whether your storage unit is stuffed to the brim or it’s a sparse space with a few key items, it can always benefit from some organization during spring cleaning.

Label Boxes Under a System

This doesn’t have to be complicated–if you use bright markers for color-code boxes, that is good enough. For example, you could get neon stickers and label books bright pink, documents bright yellow, collectibles bright green, and family heirlooms bright orange.

Reorganize Your Floor Plan

If your storage unit looks like a maze (or a death trap that buries its victims in an avalanche), it may be time to reorganize the floor plan. As “Spring Cleaning: A Complete Guide for Your Storage Unit” suggests, put old items that get less frequent use, such as books or rock collections, in the back and pull frequently used items like outdoor gear to the front. Leave a clear path between the front boxes and back boxes.

Open Boxes to See What’s Inside and Label Accordingly

Sometimes, storage units can become a personal dump instead of an extended storage space for useful items. Spring cleaning is the perfect time to narrow down excessive stuff and start fresh. Once you look through boxes and discard or donate anything that isn’t useful anymore, label existing boxes. This way, you won’t have to open fifty boxes to find your fifth-grade spelling bee trophy or your coin collection.

Collect the Clutter

While some items may be in storage because they don’t fit in your current home, others might just be hanging onto your life by a thread. To determine if the storage unit is the last stop before the flea market or garage sale for an item, consider how often you have used an item in the last year.

If you haven’t taken it out for years, it’s probably time to give it the boot. As they say, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” If you haven’t used something in a long time, it’s probably time to let someone else treasure it at a yard sale or antique fair. While you’re looking and decluttering, clump boxes and items together that are the same for easy access later.

Swap Seasonal Gear

Since spring is a pivotal month when winter gives way to summer, it’s a good time to take out the summer bedspreads, air conditioner, sportswear, and pack winter decor and heavy coats away until next year.

Lightly Clean and Refresh

Although climate control usually keeps a storage unit from getting musty or dusty, doing a quick sweep never hurts a storage unit. To maintain fresh air in the unit, place opened containers of baking soda at the edges of the room. If you follow these steps, spring cleaning is officially complete–until next year!

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