There has been a recent boom in self-storage. As many people begin to adapt to different situations in their lives, there may come a point in time when storage is a necessity. This doesn’t have to be a permanent situation, but it definitely comes in handy for many types of circumstances. Read on to learn more about the top reasons people choose to rent out a storage unit.

Reasons Why People Rent Storage Units

Here are five reasons Americans are renting more storage units than ever before.

Moving Into Smaller Homes

This one is for families that no longer have a need for their big homes anymore. Maybe the kids went away for college or life happens and income isn’t as much as it used to be. As a result, storage units have become a necessity as these families are moving into smaller homes. All of the belongings obviously won’t fit into a smaller home. At this point, the family must decide what is worth taking with them into the new home, and what is worth putting into storage for the time being. Prioritizing is a must in this situation.


Maybe an individual has taken a new job that requires them to travel a lot more. Or, maybe they have retired and want to spend the rest of their life traveling around the world. In this case, it is also necessary for people to rent out a storage unit to store important valuables that would otherwise be left unattended at home. Storage units will provide people with the protection they need in this type of circumstance.

Periodic Use

For families that enjoy decorating for holidays, they may not have the additional storage space in their home or garage to keep these things when it is that time of year again. Instead, people have begun to rent out units to keep these additional items. In addition to storing decorations, many people take advantage of storing other outdoor items, including patio furniture, lawnmowers, and much more. Keeping them in a storage unit will extend their lifespan so they are not exposed to frigid weather.


Many people enjoy collecting things that are of value to them. This can be artwork, pictures, baseball cards, etc. Many people do this just because it is a hobby, while others do so for other reasons, such as holding a garage sale at some point in the future. Whatever the reason for collecting these items, they can begin to take up space when the collection grows larger. This is where storage units come in handy.

Creating More Space

Finally, people make use of storage units to create more space in their homes. They may discover that there are so many things they have that may not be used often but are taking up space in the home. Maybe they aren’t ready to give these items away just yet but would like to keep them stored someplace else. This allows for having a home that is more organized if the decision is made to move these items into storage.

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