Are you considering putting some of your belongings into storage? If you are considering long-term storage, there are a few packing tips to follow to ensure the process goes smoothly.

Storage Unit Options for the Long-Term

Here are some methods you can follow to help you choose a long-term storage unit wisely.

Evaluate Your Belongings

How many possessions do you really have that needs to go into storage? By evaluating all of your things, you can easily determine what type of needs you have for storage.

You can do this by creating a list of all of your belongings you wish to put into storage. Certain storage unit companies have space estimators to help you determine the exact square footage you will need to hold all of your items.

Don’t forget to give priority to special items that require temperature control or require soft surfaces.

Select Storage Unit

Once you have determined all the items that need to be put into storage, select a storage unit. Choose a location that is not only within a reasonable distance of you, but a place that also offers everything on your checklist.

You need to make sure the space is spacious and has affordable rates. You’ll also want to consider a space that is secured to give you peace of mind. After all, your personal items will be there for the long-term, and you want to know that they will remain safe.

Temperature-Controlled Storage

Do you have clothing, electronics, medical supplies, collectibles, or even leather furniture that needs to be stored in temperature-controlled units? If so, you can keep your items safe while they are being stored.

Many units don’t have the ability to control humidity levels, which means that some of your most important items can become easily damaged. If you live in a location with high humidity levels, consider a climate-controlled unit.

Consider Storage Insurance

You should definitely consider storage unit insurance if you are going to be keeping your personal belongings in storage for a long time. Many storage companies offer insurance that you can pay annually or even monthly at affordable rates.

You can choose the amount of coverage you need. It can be purchased as a separate policy or added to your renters’ or homeowners’ policy.

Pack Wisely

When packing your items for storage, make sure you choose your packing supplies wisely. For example, instead of using plastic bags, purchase packing boxes. But don’t just purchase any box. Make sure the packing boxes you buy are hefty to hold your belongings for the long-term.

Ensure you label your boxes, so you can easily access them later. Also, before storing your items, be sure to clean or wash them. Wipe down your furniture and cover it with cotton sheets only to prevent the accumulation of dust.

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