Here at A Plus Storage, we are all about the supplies you need to move around wherever you need to go. We understand the storage business and the various components that make it up. As such, we can tell you about the best tape for moving boxes and why you should focus on something like this when you get ready to move. 

Certain Tapes Are Superior

It is simply the truth that certain types of tape are superior when it comes to boxing up your possessions to get them ready to go with you wherever you need to go. Failure to use the best possible tapes is a big red flag because it might put you in a spot where you are unable to move your possessions where they need to go. 

Shipping Tape

One type of tape that you definitely want to consider is shipping tape. It is designed to be put through some trials when it is used on various boxes. Thus, you can rest assured that shipping tape will stand the test of time for you and help you get your items where they need to go when sealing your cardboard boxes. It is designed to be put on those boxes and go wherever you need it to go. 

Storage Tape 

Another option for those currently moving boxes from one place to another is to consider storage tape. It is a strong and sturdy tape that can effectively keep materials safe and secure from the outside world. Storage tape can be the ideal solution for your packaging needs. 

Brown Packing Tape

You may choose brown packing tape if you are specifically moving cardboard boxes. It is good because it is fairly easy to use and tear. However, you should be aware that brown packing tape is potentially vulnerable to moisture issues. It might not hold up as well as you would like it to if your boxes are exposed to moisture at any point in time. 

Tapes To Avoid

There are a few tapes you should always avoid when packaging your items. This is true because you won’t get the kind of life that you need out of certain tapes. Stay away from masking tape, as it is not strong enough to truly seal off your boxes. You might want to consider it an absolute last resort, but you should probably avoid it in most circumstances, particularly if you fear that your boxes might be exposed to moisture at any point in time. It is simply not worth taking the risk. 

If you would like to know more about measures that you can take to keep your items safe, get in touch with a member of our team to help answer any and all questions.

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