Wine is a wonderful part of many people’s lives and can be much more than just a tasty beverage. Keeping wine is a great way to mark special events like anniversaries, and it is always nice to have a good bottle around whenever you want one. Thus, having ideal wine storage conditions can save your wine from a terrible fate and allows you to store your wine safely and optimally.

Keep Bottles Sideways

While many people are tempted to store bottles up and down for the sake of practicality and convenience, sideways bottles are the way to go. This is one of the easiest changes you can make to store your wine. When the bottle is upright, the cork can more easily become dry, which is bad for the wine. If the cork is plastic or glass, upright storage is not harmful.

Humidity Is Okay

Having a little humidity in the area where you store your wine is actually better than having none. Without humidity, the cork can dry, and air can get in the bottle, leading to the wine becoming ruined. However, you don’t want your humidity to be too high, either. Aim for 60 to 70 percent.

Vibrations Are Damaging

A shaking dryer or vibrating speaker can cause movement and vibrations that disturb the wine as it ages. It can also lead to wine becoming gritty. Thus, keep your wine in an area where it won’t have frequent movements and vibrations.

Temperature Stability

One of the best ways to ensure your wine is stored correctly is to ensure both white and red wines are stored at around 55 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature can vary by a few degrees, but the ideal is to aim for 55 degrees. If your wine is too cold, it may freeze, or if it is too hot, it may age quickly. Additionally, you want to keep the temperature as stable as you can. Frequent changes in temperature can cause cork issues, and too much air can then get in the bottle.

Use Tools to Your Advantage

Getting a thermometer/hygrometer can help you maintain the temperature and humidity. Having the right tools can help you keep your wine within ideal ranges and stabilize it so that it ages well.

What About Protection Against Ultra-Violet Light and Temperature Stability

Light can get into bottles, and the rays can do some serious damage in the worst conditions, which is called a light strike. When the wine is exposed to the air, The good news is that many bottles are made with green or amber, which blocks the light better than clear bottles. Amber bottles are best.

Additionally, you can use light filters wherever you are storing your wine to prevent any UV light issues. Moreover, storing your wine in dark conditions is best. You’ll also want temperature stability, which is another way of preventing the light strike.

Save Your Wine

Wine collectors and enthusiasts should all embrace the chance to preserve their wine’s flavor and usefulness. Fortunately, for storing wine, these easy suggestions can make an immense difference. You’ll be storing wine properly in no time at all!

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