Anyone who loves hats knows it can be challenging to store them so that they keep their shape but won’t take up much space. While hats might seem like a small, easy-to-stash-away accessory, different kinds of hats require different types of storage.

The most significant difficulty of storing hats is that they come in a variety of styles. This can mean variations in size, shape, and firmness. 

Favorite Hat Storage Ideas

One size won’t fill all when it comes to hat storage. However, the more you can do with one or two options will take the stress out of keeping these precious accessories safe and in proper shape.

Simple Solutions in the Closet

Clothing is often stored in the closet, so it makes sense that you can keep your favorite hats there too! Here are some ways to get the most storage out of your closet:

  • You can buy yourself a hat rack designed to hang off clothing rods in a closet, just like a hanger. These racks can have small clips that grip your hat, allowing them to hang down.
  • If you have drawers, cubbies, or bins in your closet, these would be great places to arrange your hats. Baseball caps can nest against each other. Other hats can often be consolidated into stacks.
  • For small closets, don’t forget about wall space. Hooks, chains, or other vertical hanging implements can make great hat hangers. For anyone on a tight budget, a line of twine and some clothes pins can be the perfect small-space hat hanger tucked away in a closet or other small space. 

Consider these ideas to be an inspiration for you to make the most of your own closet space. Open those doors, assess your storage situation, and improvise if needed!

Add Your Hats to Your Decor

You’re missing out on a great DIY opportunity if you have a hat collection you love and don’t have it on display in your home. 

First, pick up some removable adhesive wall hooks. Then, space your collection on the wall the way you like and hang up your caps, fedoras, Stetson, or any other kind of headwear on them.

The nice thing about this option is that you can set it up in any room. You can also switch up the room, design, collection, or make other changes to keep things fresh. 

More Storage Ideas

No living space is the same, especially regarding storage preferences. So here’s a list of ideas to jumpstart your creativity while providing a solution to your storage needs:

  1. Hang your hats from nails or hooks around the perimeter of a full-length mirror.
  2. Set your hats in boxes. This helps them keep their shape and remain dust-free.
  3. Frame some pegboard, hang it up, and insert some pegs to hang your caps from them.
  4. Use shelf space to stack your headwear.
  5. Hang hooks over doors to utilize the backs of them. A simple hanging tie rack will do!
  6. Get a mannequin head and stack your hats one over the other on the head. A dowel through the top of the head will do for added stability.
  7. Use space underneath your bed for hat storage containers or trays to hold hats. 
  8. Instead of leaving your suitcases and other travel bags empty until you’re ready to use them, store your beanies, berets, and any other headwear accessory in them.

Large Collections Require Large Spaces

Sometimes a person’s hat collection is more extensive than the space available in their home. Consider using a garage, attic, or dry basement to store pieces.

The trick to these storage spaces is to ensure they’re dry throughout the year. Mold and mildew can be a problem if your space becomes damp.

Make sure you use dry boxes or bags, run a dehumidifier at all times, and air out your collection regularly. While you can’t guarantee that your collection will be safe in these spaces, they are often the best choice for a serious collector.


No matter what kind of hats you own, you should always make sure that you have a place to store them. Once you decide on the type of storage that’s right for you, you’ll be able to enjoy your hats for years to come.


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