Family heirlooms are valuable and delicate, and finding the perfect storage solution for them is necessary. That being said, unless you have a museum case at your home, creating the perfect climate and ideal storage for such items can be hard. Using storage units may be a good idea, but it is always essential to ensure that the unit you are using will meet your particular heirloom’s needs.

Storing Collectibles and Heirlooms Into Storage

Storage units are great; they offer you a place and a space where you can store those things that you may not have space for at your own home. If you store very fragile items in a unit that is not ideal for that type of item, however, it can lead to the destruction of your heirloom. When you decide to store your items in a storage unit, you need to consider a few things.

First, the nature of the item. Is it very large, small, furniture, fabric, metal, jewelry, books, etc.? Knowing how that particular item should be stored can help you start to find the unit that will work for you. Next, you need to consider how the item should be ideally stored. Does it need to be in a certain light, certain temperature, etc.? Lastly, you need to consider insuring the item if it is worth a great deal of money. Even if you get the perfect unit, accidents still happen, and insurance will help you get the value of the item back if something happens.

How To Choose a Temperature Control Storage Unit

When it comes to storage units as a whole, a temperature-controlled unit is going to be the best bet when storing heirlooms and older items. Temperature-controlled units will help prevent heat and cold damage and will be better monitored than a unit that does not have a temperature control.

Most temp-controlled units are also going to be inside units; instead of controlling the individual temperature of the unit, these units are located inside a building that stays at a constant temperature. This also means that these units are less likely to experience water damage and weather damage.

If you have a very delicate and very expensive item, it is always best to keep these items close to home, but a temperature-controlled unit is still a great way to protect these valuable items.  

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